About the WIPO Algeria Office

Our office is staffed by professionals dedicated to providing high quality information, assistance, and services to stakeholders in Algeria.

We aim to improve understanding of intellectual property (IP) for public policies and business strategies while at the same time supporting the structuring of modernized and service-oriented IP administrations and institutions.

We also work to enhance IP competencies of business professionals, creators, innovators, policy makers, and knowledge holders.

Mr. Mohamed Saleck Ahmed Ethimane, WIPO Algeria Office (Photo: WIPO/Berrod)

Our activities

Our activities include:

  • strengthening the provision of and/or knowledge about WIPO services and treaties;
  • promoting and participating in awareness raising initiatives on the use of the IP system;
  • providing round-the-clock help and advice on IP-related matters in Algeria, through the WIPO Customer Service Center.