Opening of the Sessions

1. Opening of the Sessions (A/61/INF/1 Rev.)

2. Adoption of the Agenda (A/61/1) (A/61/2)

3. Election of Officers (A/61/INF/2)

4. Report of the Director General to the Assemblies of WIPO

5. General Statements

Governing Bodies and Institutional Issues

6. Admission of Observers (A/61/3)

7. Approval of Agreements (WO/CC/78/3)

8. Convening of 2021 Extraordinary Sessions (A/61/8) (A/61/8 Corr.)

9. Draft Agendas for 2021 Ordinary Sessions (A/61/4)

Program, Budget and Oversight Matters

10. Reports on Audit and Oversight

  1. Report by the Independent Advisory Oversight Committee (IAOC) (WO/GA/53/1) (A/61/6)
  2. Report by the External Auditor (A/61/5) (A/61/6)
  3. Report by the Director of the Internal Oversight Division (IOD) (WO/GA/53/2) (A/61/6)

11. Report on the Program and Budget Committee (PBC) (A/61/6)

Assemblies, Treaties and Other Matters

12. WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, including Domain Names (WO/GA/53/8)

13. Madrid System (MM/A/54/1)

14. Hague System (H/A/40/1)

15. Paris Union Assembly (P/A/56/1)

16. Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled (MVT) (MVT/A/5/1)

17. Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances (BTAP) (BTAP/A/1/1) (BTAP/A/1/2)

Staff Matters

18. Reports on Staff Matters

  1. Report on Human Resources (WO/CC/78/INF/1 Rev.)
  2. Report by the Ethics Office (WO/CC/78/INF/2)

19. Designation of the Chair and Deputy Chair of the WIPO Appeal Board (WAB) (WO/CC/78/2)

20. Exceptional Re-Appointment of Deputy Directors General and Assistant Directors General (WO/CC/78/4)

Closing of the Sessions

21. Adoption of the Report (A/61/10) (WO/GA/53/9) (WO/CF/41/1) (WO/CC/78/5) (P/A/56/2) (P/EC/60/1) (B/A/50/1) (B/EC/66/1) (MM/A/54/2) (H/A/40/2) (N/A/40/1) (LI/A/37/1) (LO/A/40/1) (IPC/A/41/1) (PCT/A/52/1) (BP/A/37/1) (VA/A/33/1) (WCT/A/20/1) (WPPT/A/20/1) (PLT/A/19/1) (STLT/A/13/1) (MVT/A/5/2) (BTAP/A/1/3)

22. Closing of the Sessions

Other related documents

  • Status of Accessions to Treaties Administered by WIPO, and Constitutional Reform Matters (A/61/INF/3)
  • Status of the Payment of Contributions as at August 31, 2020 (A/61/INF/4)
  • Report on the Accessible Books Consortium (MVT/A/5/INF/1)