Finance Division

The Finance Division is responsible for the management of WIPO's financial accounting and reporting, treasury management and compliance with financial policies and procedures.

Included within these responsibilities are the management of the Organization's cash position, production of statutory financial reports and other financial information, and coordination with oversight and financial control activities such as external and internal audit, the Independent Advisory Oversight Committee (IAOC) and the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU).

Our activities include:

  • The Income Section provides support to WIPO's sectors, accounting for the incoming payments received in relation to WIPO's activities, as well as offering services to customers such as current account facilities and credit card online settlements.
  • The Expenditures Section is primarily responsible for accurately reflecting the expenditures of the organization. This includes the correct accounting and reporting of key activities related to meetings and inter-office vouchers, invoices and pay and entitlements.
  • The Treasury Section is responsible for managing the organization's liquid assets and for the financial aspects of its extra-budgetary resources (Funds-in-Trust), as well as the reconciliation of all balance sheet accounts. The Section is further responsible for the financial aspects of WIPO's contributions, UPOV and the WIPO Closed Pension Fund.


Photo: COOK ROBBINS Janice

Director: COOK ROBBINS Janice

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