The WIPO Conversation on Intellectual Property and Frontier Technologies

The next WIPO Conversation “Frontier technologies – AI Inventions”, will take place on September 21 and 22, 2022.

AI is becoming a general purpose technology that has the potential to not only open a new field of science but to dramatically change all aspects of our lifes and our economy, transforming our business models and opening the path to new ways of innovating and creating. Ensuring that our existing IP systems continue to foster innovation in this exciting new era is going to be key for everyone, everywhere to benefit from the potential for economic growth.

However, AI inventions present the current patent system with a number of challenges. In order to provide better protection and embrace the full value of patents it is necessary to have timely, transparent and accessible standards for patent granting that market players can fully rely on. To harness the economic potential of AI it will be important to understand the uncertainties faced by innovators and for IP Offices to consider how to best support AI innovation.

Sixth session of the WIPO Conversation

What are the market trends and how do these translate in terms of patent applications? How autonomous is AI actually, what role does it play either as part of the inventive process or as part of an invention? What questions does this raise for the IP system? And how are IP Offices supporting AI inventors?

The Sixth Session of the WIPO Conversation taking place on September 21-22, 2022 will connect the views and stories from innovators and IP professionals to what is happening in the IP Offices around the world and will aim at sharing information and building awareness around patent examination practices, tools and guidelines for AI inventions.

Registration for the Sixth session of the WIPO Conversation on September 21 and 22, 2022 is now open:  Onsite (WIPO Member States and Observers only) or Virtual (wider audience and WIPO Member States and Observers)

Provisional Agenda Now Available

The WIPO Conversation is in an open, inclusive, multi-stakeholder forum intended to provide stakeholders with a leading, global setting to discuss the impact of frontier technologies on all IP rights and to bridge the existing information gap in this fast moving and complex field.

The five sessions of the Conversation have a truly global reach. Past sessions have each attracted on average 1,500 attendees spanning across 130 countries from Member States, to academia, IP professionals and enterprises.

WIPO is leading the forum to advance the understanding of the IP issues involved in the development of frontier technologies, including AI, throughout the economy and society and its significant impact on the creation, production and distribution of economic and cultural goods and services.

We are still in the process of planning the details of the Sixth Session but are currently working on a hybrid format consisting (a) of member states and overseer physical presence alongside or (b) of live online streaming and Zoom platform that enables virtual participation.

A video recording, presentations and written interventions will also be published shortly after the session.

The provisional agenda of the meeting is available. Please sign up for our regular news updates which will inform you as soon as we have further details on the speakers.

WIPO Conversation is open to everyone and registration is free.

Member States and IP Offices

If you are a Member State or an IP Office, we have two sharing sessions on September 22 that we would like to invite you to participate in, Sharing session 1: Closing the technology gap and shaping regulatory frameworks for innovations in the AI field and Sharing session 2: How are Member States and IP Offices supporting and fostering innovation in the AI field?.

If you would like to join these sharing sessions by making a statement or presentation, please let us know via by September 18, 2022 and we will include you in the program.

All participants

The open floor interventions on September 22 is a chance for wider audience to share their passion and views with us. If you wish to take the floor and make a statement regarding AI inventions, please let us know via by September 18, 2022, and we will provide you with further details.

There are also Q&A sessions following Panels 1-5. If you have any questions you would like to ask one of the panels, we would love if you could share the question with us via You can also ask your question directly during the event using the virtual platform chat function.

Registration is open now. Due to the unstable sanitary situation, onsite presence will be limited to WIPO Member States and Observers. Virtual participation is open to all and there will be plenty of options to participate actively with questions and interventions. Onsite (WIPO Member States and Observers only) or Virtual (wider audience and WIPO Member States and Observers).

Previous sessions of the WIPO Conversation

cyber data circulating across a network
(Photo: WIPO)


The fourth session of the WIPO Conversation on IP and Frontier Technologies discussed some of the background to the current data debates including what data is and why this intangible asset increasingly matters and is changing how we do business, innovate and create.

conceptual representation of artificial intelligence technology

Intellectual Property Administration

The fifth session looked at the new technologies and assessed their possible uses in IP administration and registration as well as the disruption they may cause to the IP system. It encouraged information sharing across all stakeholders from IPOs to private enterprises and sharing diverse views from IP professionals, innovators, creators and individuals.

conceptual representation of artificial intelligence technology
(Photo: WIPO)

Artificial Intelligence

The first three sessions of the WIPO Conversation focused on AI and IP policy.