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No.Notification TitleNotification Date
No. 213Declaration by Antigua and Barbuda (Protocol)January 9, 2017
No. 212Accession by Brunei Darussalam (Protocol)October 6, 2016
No. 211Declaration by the Kingdom of Denmark (Protocol)January 13, 2016
No. 210Accession by the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Protocol)December 7, 2015
No. 209Declaration by the Republic of Zimbabwe (Protocol)October 7, 2015
No. 208Declaration by the Republic of the Gambia (Protocol)October 6, 2015
No. 207Accession by the Republic of the Gambia (Protocol)September 18, 2015
No. 206Accession by the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria (Protocol)July 31, 2015
No. 205Accession by the Kingdom of Cambodia (Protocol)March 5, 2015
No. 204Accession by the Republic of Zimbabwe (Protocol)December 11, 2014
No. 203Accession by the African Intellectual Property Organization (Protocol)December 5, 2014
No. 202Declaration by the Republic of Kenya (Protocol)March 12, 2014
No. 201Accession by the Republic of Tunisia (Protocol)July 16, 2013
No. 200Accession by the Republic of Rwanda (Protocol)May 17, 2013
No. 199Accession by the Republic of India (Protocol)April 8, 2013
No. 198Accession by the United Mexican States (Protocol)November 19, 2012
No. 197Accession by New Zealand (Protocol)September 10, 2012
No. 195Accession by the Republic of Colombia (Protocol)May 29, 2012
No. 194Accession by the Republic of the Philippines (Protocol)April 25, 2012
No. 191Accession by the Republic of Tajikistan (Protocol)March 31, 2011
No. 190Declaration by the Kingdom of Denmark (Protocol)October 11, 2010
No. 189Accession by the Republic of Kazakhstan (Protocol)September 8, 2010
No. 188Accession by the State of Israel (Protocol)June 1, 2010
No. 187Declaration by the Syrian Arab Republic (Protocol)December 21, 2009
No. 186Accession by the Republic of the Sudan (Protocol)November 16, 2009
No. 185Accession by the Republic of Liberia (Protocol)September 11, 2009
No. 184Ratification by the Arab Republic of Egypt (Protocol)June 3, 2009
No. 183Declaration by the Sultanate of Oman (Protocol)November 28, 2008
No. 182Accession by Bosnia and Herzegovina (Protocol)October 27, 2008
No. 181Accession by the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe (Protocol)September 8, 2008
No. 180Accession by the Republic of Ghana (Protocol)June 16, 2008
No. 179Withdrawal of Declaration by the Kingdom of Bahrain (Protocol)April 10, 2008
No. 178Amendment to the Madrid ProtocolMarch 17, 2008
No. 177Declaration by the Kingdom of Bahrain (Protocol)February 7, 2008
No. 176Accession by the Republic of Madagascar (Protocol)January 28, 2008
No. 175Accession by the Sultanate of Oman (Protocol)July 16, 2007
No. 174Accession by the Republic of San Marino (Protocol)June 12, 2007
No. 173Amendment to the Madrid ProtocolMarch 2, 2007
No. 172Accession by the Republic of Azerbaijan (Protocol)January 15, 2007
No. 171Declaration by the Republic of MontenegroDecember 4, 2006
No. 170Declaration by the Republic of Turkey (Protocol)September 26, 2006
No. 169Accession by the Republic of Uzbekistan (Protocol)September 27, 2006
No. 167Declaration by the Republic of SerbiaSeptember 19, 2006
No. 166Accession by the Republic of Botswana (Protocol)September 5, 2006
No. 165Accession by the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (Protocol)April 11, 2006
No. 164Accession by the Kingdom of Bahrain (Protocol)September 15, 2005
No. 163Declaration by the Republic of Turkey (Protocol)July 13, 2005
No. 162Declaration by the Hellenic Republic (Protocol)May 20, 2005
No. 160Accession by the European Community (Protocol)July 1, 2004
No. 159Accession by the Syrian Arab Republic (Protocol)May 5, 2004
No. 157Accession by the Republic of Namibia (Protocol)March 31, 2004
No. 155Accession by the Kyrgyz Republic (Protocol)March 17, 2004
No. 154Notification by the Republic of Hungary: Withdrawal of Declaration Concerning Article 14(5) (Protocol)February 1, 2004
No. 153Accession by the Republic of Croatia (Protocol)October 23, 2003
No. 152Declaration by the Republic of Moldova (Protocol)September 26, 2003
No. 151Declaration by Ukraine (Protocol)August 28, 2003
No. 150Accession by the Islamic Republic of Iran (Protocol)September 25, 2003
No. 148Accession by the Republic of Cyprus (Protocol)August 4, 2003
No. 146Accession of the United States of America (Protocol)August 2, 2003
No. 144Accession by the Republic of Albania (Protocol)April 30, 2003
No. 143Declaration by the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Protocol)January 28, 2003
No. 142Declarations by the Republic of Belarus (Protocol)January 28, 2003
No. 141Accession by the Republic of Korea (Protocol)January 10, 2003
No. 140Accession by the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Protocol)May 30, 2002
No. 139Notification by the Republic of Belarus: Withdrawal of Declarations Concerning Articles 5(2)(b) and 8(7)(a) (Protocol)January 18, 2002
No. 138Accession by the Republic of Belarus (Protocol)October 18, 2001
No. 137Accession by the Republic of Zambia (Protocol)August 15, 2001
No. 136Declarations by the Republic of Armenia (Protocol)July 24, 2001
No. 135Ratification by Ireland (Protocol)July 19, 2001
No. 134Accession by the Republic of Bulgaria (Protocol)July 2, 2001
No. 133Declaration by the Federal Republic of YugoslaviaJune 14, 2001
No. 132Accession by Australia (Protocol)April 11, 2001
No. 131Ratification by Mongolia (Protocol)March 16, 2001
No. 130Accession by Ukraine (Protocol)September 29, 2000
No. 129Declaration by the Republic of Turkey (Protocol)August 8, 2000
No. 128Accession by the Republic of Singapore (Protocol)July 31, 2000
No. 127Accession by the Republic of Armenia (Protocol)July 19, 2000
No. 126Non-Application of the Madrid Agreement, the Madrid Protocol and the PCT to the Macau Special Administrative RegionJuly 12, 2000
No. 125Ratification by the Hellenic Republic (Protocol)May 10, 2000
No. 124Accession by the Kingdom of Bhutan (Protocol)May 4, 2000
No. 122Ratification by the Italian Republic (Protocol)January 17, 2000
No. 121Accession by Antigua and Barbuda (Protocol)December 17, 1999
No. 120Accession by Japan (Protocol)December 14, 1999
No. 119Declarations by Turkmenistan (Protocol)January 10, 2000
No. 118Accession by the Republic of Latvia (Protocol)October 5, 1999
No. 117Ratification by the Kingdom of Morocco (Protocol)July 8, 1999
No. 116Accession by Turkmenistan (Protocol)June 28, 1999
No. 115Accession by the Republic of Sierra Leone (Protocol)September 28, 1999
No. 114Ratification by the Republic of Austria (Protocol)January 13, 1999
No. 113Declarations by Georgia (Protocol)November 3, 1998
No. 112Accession by the Kingdom of Lesotho (Protocol)November 12, 1998
No. 110Accession by the Republic of Turkey (Protocol)October 1, 1998
No. 109Accession by the Kingdom of Swaziland (Protocol)September 14, 1998
No. 107Accession by the Republic of Estonia (Protocol)August 18, 1998
No. 106Accession by the Republic of Mozambique (Protocol)July 7, 1998
No. 104Accession by Georgia (Protocol)May 20, 1998
No. 103Ratification by Romania (Protocol)April 28, 1998
No. 102Accession by the Republic of Kenya (Protocol)March 26, 1998
No. 100Ratification by the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg |Acceptance by the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Protocol)January 1, 1998
No. 99Ratification by the Principality of Liechtenstein (Protocol)December 17, 1997
No. 98Accession by the Republic of Slovenia (Protocol)December 12, 1997
No. 97Ratification by the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Protocol)November 17, 1997
No. 96Accession by the Republic of Moldova (Protocol)September 1, 1997
No. 95Accession by the Republic of Lithuania (Protocol)August 15, 1997
No. 94Ratification by the French Republic (Protocol)August 7, 1997
No. 93Ratification by the Republic of Hungary (Protocol)July 3, 1997
No. 92Accession by the Slovak Republic (Protocol)June 13, 1997
No. 91Deferred Application of the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol to the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionJune 10, 1997
No. 89Ratification by the Russian Federation (Protocol)March 10, 1997
No. 88Ratification by the Swiss Confederation (Protocol)February 1, 1997
No. 87Accession by the Republic of Iceland (Protocol)January 15, 1997
No. 86Ratification by the Portuguese Republic (Protocol)December 20, 1996
No. 85Accession by the Republic of Poland (Protocol)December 4, 1996
No. 83Approval by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (Protocol)July 3, 1996
No. 82Ratification by the Principality of Monaco (Protocol)June 27, 1996
No. 81Accession by the Czech Republic (Protocol)June 25, 1996
No. 80Notification by the People's Republic of China: Withdrawal of Declaration Concerning Article 14(5) (Protocol)June 19, 1996
No. 79Date of Entry into Operation of the Protocol and Declarations under the Protocol by the Governments of the People's Republic of China, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Republic of Finland, the Kingdom of Norway, the Kingdom of Sweden and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Protocol)February 1, 1996
No. 78Acceptance by the Republic of Finland (Protocol)January 1, 1996
No. 77Accession by the Kingdom of Norway (Protocol)December 29, 1995
No. 76Ratification by the Federal Republic of Germany (Protocol)December 20, 1995
No. 74Ratification by the Kingdom of Denmark (Protocol)November 13, 1995
No. 73Accession by the Republic of Cuba (Protocol)September 26, 1995
No. 70Entry into Force (Protocol)September 11, 1995
No. 69Accession by the People's Republic of China (Protocol)September 6, 1995
No. 66Ratification by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Protocol)April 6, 1995
No. 65Ratification by the Kingdom of Sweden (Protocol)January 11, 1995
No. 47Ratification by the Kingdom of Spain (Protocol)April 22, 1991
No. 43Signatory States of the Madrid Protocol (1989)February 9, 1990