Proclamation No. 91/1994 on Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission Establishment



'1;J:'-' ;JtLlI)



WHEREAS, it is nece.ssaTY to support Et1hiopia's all rounded eff0l1 with ScielH'e end Technology to increase social alJ1d economic sectors, particularly in agriouIture, indu. slni and sel'l'ie ,eclms to satisfy the hu.sic needs of nhe pe<>plc;

WIlEIit,i\S. it has heen founel indispensiuble tn .elect, suppOrt and cncoumge nhose ,nhat con1rihute to the National Eco.nwnit developm",ut from among 5cien-ce aud Technoll>gy actil'itit:s that 'are undertaken through out tIhe country and build scic'IlI:e Hnd Itchno)ogy .hlurestl1Ure to minimize science. 'H1<1 technology dependency;

hecome necessary to re-establish COlUlills.ioll to develop National Sei

Ilce uHd Technoicgy, capability in Scope aud Quaiity Ilnd

gl.itle anti coon] ina It; system" l ieaHy Ilhe efforts in scieuet: a ud Ti!ehH{}log w:llvities;

2. TIle (:ollllllission hall be accountable 10 th•• COUll' eiJ of 1\1 inisters.

8. to provide and require the popularWatian of Science

and Technology in different Ian",<l1\1ages ()f Il.atiQUali.

3, Jie",( Ojfi""

ties/nations lihrough apprOpriate media to enhal1cf<

The head office of Lhe COlllmission ;;hall be ill Addi" AUdha

Hlld IBay ha\,l );rBueh o Hiee::: pje;-,t \"ilt' 11' ill lik \<IHlutrv as may he t:leceasary.

4. (Jujce/it,,,,,


1. Science ami Ted, .rea1izatiml of Lhe


2, lu t'ulumce Seienee

the puhlie atWarell_ of Science and Tecbn.ol()gJ:

  1. lu create relations; cooperate d sign develo,ental ilgle01wmls with InterUllItionalj!Jlld Regional organizuliQlls aud foreign states and follow-uip 011 the implementaLion of agreem<mts;
  2. to adlllinister Lite finanoial, material and o-ther sup

po.rts (,btamed through diHarent meciJ.anislllS uncI provided to the g overnment in generaJ from Tnter

Illl lional Ilnd ll.egonal Organizations and.._fureign

fol' ulluertaking ScienCe and Technology activ

3. iInprove' Hnd ellri(:! Lhe people aWHrt'lll'SS kUtJ\Yledge to disburse those to r&WJropriate ms.lWtu tioo.s

·and (;ultuI'e of scicn.ce and t""hnology and !lie !ruui.

Ilud monitor Uleir utilizalion;

tion or utilizing the results of science and technology; 4, maike the SdtlillCe und Tedlllology system nHne

ereate conducive c<mditions for securing financial ,

ductive, efficienl aud pment

develooriehted .

5, Power awl lJalies The Commission shall llave k following power and


1. to formulate t1he natiooal Science and

policy which assist the country's development objectives and vpon approval by the Centra:! Governmellt

material, ihUlD&n resoUrces and various means of spuport in order to enoourage Science and Technology !lcllvi-tie that are being undertJalron hy privale insti·


12. to par ticipate in the efforts to devdop capable manpower ·and upgl'8<le existing ones nhat are en.gaged in science and toohIlOlogy aotivitie.s;

2. to formulate

logy plans

of Sectoral



the directives

3. to ensure CDI' ba:.ecl

and l'eceive

c reate age eSlablishment of ce.:ltres and inslittlLiolls thai, uutlel'!ake research and devel()activities

4. to

pment aad have e<)lltJihulioll ill the proonolion of Science 1111,1 Technology, in different economlc and social se<)! at central, regional or different Jocalities of lh"




10 "reale conducive c.o lJditinus to ensure strong inter

linkages mnoJlg educatioll, research, development and

produCliu::l activities,

14, to de,ip;n aud facilitalc situations for improved work ing Il,nd inLroduction o.f incentives for engage msc iencc

15 10 TJ rovide awards/incentives to and insti·

tutiolls that have C'Olltributed to tJbe devel.op:tneP.t of science rIlnd technology;

16. to develop the capailily and establish

the system

fOl" searC'hing. selecting, negotlLatilng, procuring, and


importing technologies tha.t IIIJ:e appropriate to the Ethi<lsociQ eoono:m.ic ooodit:i.ou!; ;


17. to eSlablisl. &1 patent system tb.a.t tilrI'l'OCturages IUld sUPllorts teclw.ology tr8olll!lfer, eDJb.aIIwes the pntctical &1pplic.nlion of rmventions a.n.d enro Jibe develt>p. ment of iuvmrtions a.nd iJmo.vation;

1\egarit Gazeta No. 77 14th March 1994 -Page Sji8

18. to assit and encourage the establishment Oif Associ

aliolLS that contribute to science and technology development BIl1d provide suppOl't for the publication <a'lld djSSC,ffilmatiQIJ. of science and technology PftPer.;

prepared by professional Associations;

  1. to encourage and ensure the n'csearch and del'clopmenl activities carried out to improl'e Illlld develop indigenous technololgies ;
  2. to establish a systent fo r the collectiOOl of scieuct: and technology informati on and results, and f or availing of copies of 10eaUy"puhlis!hed science and techIfology accomplishements and researoh work in the CommissiQIJ.;
  1. to regisler professionals amd instiluions hat engage in research and deveIl)pJIlent activities;
  2. Lo pa·ticip2.te .and advice the govcrnment on maUerE related Lo science and technology;
  3. to establish Science and Toohnology OIpel'aLioual organ. in areas whiM have not been giv duc attention;
  4. 24. to chanf'e commensurate fees fm' the service it


Negaril Gazela -No. 77 14th March 1994 -Pap-NI

12. Three prominen.t proEessiOOl.als aIppOinted by !be Prime l\1inister based OlD the of the Commissioner .... .. . . Member

8. Power lIr1d iJuties of the Council

8'pplicalion o,f

The Council slwlll have the following'power 'IIIIJd duties:

  1. draft Science and Policy;
  2. evaluate a.,d approve plans ami pret'l6Dled by the COllllIlissicmer;

3. evaluate Md presen.t for goverDmenit 8IpproYlIIil the

budget required for Scilence and Technology;

4. is:.-ue (!ifferent guidelines and work;

  1. isslle own mtem.aJ rules of procedu:N;
  2. designate teclmical ndV'isary !IIIDd Sectora1 Scienee aud 1'ecbnology Caunci.Ia.

9. Meet;'lg uf the Cou/lcil

1. The cOUIlCil sball Iblllve oue ;regular meetiag fm#

tIll'&; months and extraordiua,ry meetinp when necessa1'V .

2. The presence Oif mOIre 4ham balf of 1hc COID1Ieil

members shall constitute & qtIOfUm.

to euLer inLo oonll'ool, sue and be s ued; to delegate part of ils power 10 other

3. A decisi on su,ppartect. by more tlJan half Oif the

Central Government whtmever deemed necessary;

members present iIn tibe meeting shaiI1 Le tal.en III

budget and work programme thnle 1IlODtbl!

27. to undert,aikc necessary and related activities 11> the

above po"!'r and duties and for the attaimneut of the ohjecth'es;

6. Organizuliu:t of the Commissioll


The CommissiGn shall have;

1. r\'at ional Science a;nd ToohnO'logy Council (O'5l'ein

after a'Cfferred as the "Council");

2. A Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner appo· inted by th Government, and

3. The necef$ary staff.

7. The Council

The Council shall havc he

the decisiOlD of· Ilhe OOIIiIlW. In case of a lie the chairman shall ihave 'Il vote.

10. Power arid iJuties of the Commissioner

1. Underta·ke the Com:miasion's dllly to day activities

as the chief eXecutive officer of the Commiasiou hased cn the directives and work programme approved by the NatioDlllil ScieMe and TooImolosr


2. Without prejudice to .the generality Itab!d under sub Article 1 Oif this article the commj-iOlP"'l' ahaD have the followiIIg power and

a) Submit fI report to !lhe COIUlICll aod technology activillies that

GoveIllment and OlD !lhe

Technology COmmission

b) attend

The Minister

2. The ('omruissiO.:ler of

before the end of the bu. year;

IiIltemBltional and !mgional orpnizalional


of Planning meetulgs representing tibeCentral Govenunen\

Economic Development "

on matters related to science IIIIld technology:4. The Minister ill Health .

c ) administer finance based on the budget alloted

5. The lVIinister of Natural Resources

to' the CommissiQIJ. end work programme;

Development and Environmental Pl'otection

d) emplilY. end dismiss lIhe comzniBg

6. The Mi'1ister of Indusll'Y

ion's employees :iln ecoordaawe with the public

7. The Minister of Mines and Enel'gy

scnice law;

8. The Minister of Agriculture

e) delegate part of his power to the comm.ission

IJ. The Mil.lisler of External

ewployees wtben found necessary fA) facilitate

-Economic Cooperati on . . .

the f.iltivitiJes Oif _ ComwissioD;

10. Tlu, Minister of National and

RegioDal Administration

Prime IHisniter's Office

represent the COInllUssion with thixd parties;

8) carry out aetil".i4iea aMigned by the council for

11. Minister of 'Women Affairs in the Prime

the attainmllnt cf the ColIlIlilileion objectiV'CII.

Minister'5 Office .. .. . . . . . . . .. . .. ..

· Negarit Gazcta No. 77 14th March 19'14 -Page 362

11. PO,l'," <md J),,/i,,[· of Ih" neplIty CoJiIlIl;"ioner
The Depuly f:olluuissioner shall:

1. vet as Ihe chief cxeenLive of the Commi"'loll ill 11lf' absence of the Commissioner and

2. Undertake any other activities assign".; hI the Comulissioner;

12. SceLoml·Sie"ce amI Technology Advisory Councils

1. The Councils constituting sectoral department heart, of

the Commission as Secreta:ries, :representativt's of differCllt insti<tutiolls within the sector and imlh ,. dual profel'Sionals, shall have the follo.wing powe ,. and duties;

a) evaluate sectoml science and toohno-1ogy


b) suggest, and advise' regarding the sectora1 plan ali.1 priority l1rojects;

c) cause to prepare, advise and present decision pr.. posaJs :'egardin.g the policy of sectoool development activitic.,; and Ulpon ·approval follQw-up ()n their practical implementation;

d) establish "I) appropriate system for a coordinated Iillkage Letween the seetor, research, development and usexs;

e) sel priorities of projects presented by the sector Oil tIle l)ai, of policy prerogatives; and

f) present projects that need support for dc(jsioll ,

./3. FilUlIi,;e ami Dudget

1. The Commi:;sion's financial resources shall be dl'awn from the following sources:

a) budget alloted by the Government;

b) support and assiBtances provided to the Commis· sion, and

c) allV "Iher source

2. Incomes obtained from the above SOlttCeS sball Le kept in the Ethiopian National Bank or in a Bank designated by the National Bank and !!he money shall he utilized for the accamplishment of the Commission's objectives.

14, Book of A,:{'(lun/:;

  1. The Cammission shall .k.eep a complete and IIn accu:rate book of 'acooUlIlts.
  2. The Commissian's book of accounts shull he audited at leasl once a year by the Auditor General or by an other Auditor designllted by him.

15.! ion In accordance with directives issued by National Science amI Tcchnology Council every natural person or institution or organization engaged in IreSe6rah a.nd development and otiller science end tecbnoIogy activities or rilSeIlroo and dtwelopment lelated activities shall he registered hy tLe Commission.

16. Duty Lu Cooperale Natural persan or institution or organization aha1l ha ve duty 10 coopt,rate m tb.e .implementation of this


17. Repeah·J. ,/lid iIlupplicabte Laws

L The EtMopian Science and Toohnology proclamatiGn No. 62/1965 as amended/ is hereby

2. Any othe:r laws whlah are in con.tradicti willb this proclamation shall not he applicable Wlith respect 10 matter! provided for m. this proclamation;

18. Tran,'fer uf /{ights aml Obligations

The ;rights and obligatiow! of tthe E1Ihiop_ Science and

Technology Commission estab1ilibed under proclamatiOll

No. 62/1975 are hereby transferred to the

established ilUlde:r tIbis proclram.ation;

19. Effective Dalt; This proclamation shall enier into forco on the daltl of its publication i:n 1lhe Negarit Gazeta.

Do.:ie at Addis Ababa this 14th day of Ma:rch 1994