Copyright Tribunal Rules of Procedures 2003








I..... cxm:,~of !he po.."rsconfermi upon " by occ!Jon 211(5) of ,he COfI)n",1 Act 1999. Ihe Tnbunal ""'"S ~Rules ofl'ro<odu",s-



T1Iesc Rules may be clled a.lh. Cop)rig~1 Tribunal Rulu of Procedur<i 2003


2 In ~Rul... unk.. !he "')'11",, 01,,"""'" ""IU''''i

-a..'IIDlIlIH"'UD' "'" ChalttIWI of II>< eopyr;li'II Tnbunal;

"orr"", o(!he Tnbunal" Includes ..,~ other o/f"". dc:''3'''lCd 10 be ... office of , .... Tribu .... ' undc:r nile 14,

"Sec"' •• ')''' me.n< the S«""atr of ,lie Tnbu",.,1,



J -(I) An applicant ma) lik • <lo<:urnenl ...boUned In rd~II"" 10 In apphelllOll 0< "'(,,"'_ "nb the SecreLar)' h)fa} lodgIn, !he !lo<umtn, ., tho: om"" of \he TnbunaJ. Of

(I» "'Rlhng!he doi;umcn. by fCl~.ed p<hl. addK,sed 10 \he s«n:ta.)

(2) A<locum••, " deemed nOll<! be filed unul i, is ... -c"P'.d for fillnl by Ihc S«"'tary

01 1'l1t Secretary may refuse 10 IoCC<P' • do,:umcnl for foling If the <Io<,,",oni doe' nOl co"'rl~ ""Ih ~"'.. Rule<

14) If lhe s..:..""Y ",fu~ to lICe"", ~ doxumcnl for filln, unda ~(3). the s..:",W)' rn"~1 ,i.~ II()IJtt Ln "nILn,to II\( .""h"...,' 0( the ",fusal to ICC"",II\( documcnl and ItaI" ,he "'''''''' for the ",fot<al

Th< s..:re'ary ",u>1 record ,he ""~ on .. hlCh a dox"mcnl" filed la) on lhe doc"men!;
Th< Scc~l'ry may doCl<lc ,he numbn of cop... "f uch documen' ,Iut must accompony the document "hen illS filed Wllh hIm 0< her.

(bl on any se.led copy of IIIe (Iocurrn:n1.



4.-(1) 1be Sec"""'Y mu,' \:«p a ",,,on! of every documcnl ~3t i. $ubm",«I.o or prod""ed b)' II><: Tribunal,...I"u""[0 an .pphe.lIon or reference made 10 ,be Tnbunal

(2) TIM: ScCrtwy must oIlot • iiI< "WIlber '"each OWhe.""" oc ",fe",,,,,,, and keep ..:cord of each Iii< number

SHI", "''''''-..I.

5. If a pe.oon is reqUIred by these Rule. to serve OIl ."",her person a ",.led copy of • document filed "inh ,Ix: Sc<re,lr)' and !he do<:umcn, i. lodged by 0.-"" hdtalf ofthat .,.""" "ith (he Secrelary. the s.ecn:W')' mu", cause ,hc documen, to be ""Ied ...d rt'Ofned to the person by ",born il ",.. lodged< ,.,..""

6.-(1) A ~nwho me, '" nb ,be Sccrc""Y a d""umcnl in""""ng. 0.-",laMI !O a proceedIng, must .pc<:ify in the docum.n, on add,... for ",,,,ce, if lhe person has n<>l pmviou,ly filed. documen! with the Se<relary In rel.,;on 10 Ih.. proceeding ,,,,,<ifYlng lhe addro,,_

A person ,,-1>0 h .... In rel.lOon to. proe«<l,nj. filed" nh the Secretary. document >J>CCify'ng an addre>. fot ........"'e. n\IIy .. any ume file ..."h the Secre(ary a not"'" ,n ",,,,,ng atldTCSS«I (0 ,he S<:c"'tary and .igncd by or on hehalf ofthe perwo. 'l"'c,f)·tng a ....w odd..." r......"ice.
A person filing a not ice u"'"" p,ragraptt (2) must ",r'" • copy of the "orice on n.'Y pony to the p"","edlng wI(h,n 1 day. of the ""',c< being f,kd


1_-{I) A document tha( " required or pennated u<>der (he", Rule. to be "'''cd on • perSOn in rdauon to" pn><ccltng n\IIy he «".-.d on the perwn~

(a) ,f,"" penon M< filed a document" "h the s...:n:'at} 'pe<:tl) ,n, an add",.. for ...""..,----t>y dell".r;"g (he document to (he person personally 0.-by ..nding tl>< document i>y rcg;"cr.d post addroSSC<l to ,he p<f>OlI at that address:

Ib) if the penon ha< not filed weh .document~

tf!he person ".corponuon-----by dell'ertng (he document pe.-.onally to the ""relary of(he corpor'''on. or ,fthe corpontion ha<. rcJ,,"...d office. by Ie"ing i( at that offie< or by "'M,ng " by res,,'ered POSt add.-.".d to the corp<t",,,ott at Us prlnc'pal pl""e ofbusine" in ,he FiJ' 1,land"
ifthe p<r>on iun "'g.niso"oo othet Ihan acorporauon -by deli'"rtng lhe document perwn.lly to lhe secretary or other officer of 1M or]I"nisauOll Of by ..nding it by ",,'\tered po>1 addrn...d (0 the organ,,,,,,OIt II ," pnn<'I"1 pi"". or btJ" ,n ,he fiJI [<land,:


(ill) in "ny other calC· by delivering the document personally to too person or by >endlns 11 by "'8lSlered JlO'I add .., ..d to lIM: PC""" at the Tc,id,,,,, Of place of business of {he pe""" lasl reton:1ed "lin me Secretory

(2) The Tribunal m,y malo an ool., directing thai ""ICe of. document be camc'<l

out in • manner other l),an any of ttm.e 'I"'cif..d in paraS",!,h (1). or that the <CrYlce of ,he docum,,", be d"pen",d with

(3) E",<ien<e of the ",nice of a documen, may be 8"'n by mean' of an endorsement of ser. icc through a StatutOI)' declaration.

5.,."" "'<i<",_"~

8 A doc"men1 Ihal is 10 be ';lIned by a person on behalfof another PC""" must ha>'e the J>"ior written con..,nl of <hal olller P""on before "gnlng of the document is made

R",,,,",", of."s"" of/h, 1."....,1

9 'The See,etary must hO'" recorded in a rcgi>lcr kept for (he purpose of .ny order of the Tribunal spe<ifying the date the order ,,," mOOe. conten, and outcome of the ooler

p""",~ood ,,",","'''''''' IO.--{ I) Ref",. ,he commencemen' of. proceeding. a party may apply In \HtUnlito

'he T"bun,l '0 have ,lie proceeding pos'poned,

(2) Bdore the ""mnpllOn of. proceed'"g. a I"'ny may apply in wriung to ,he T"b\Jnal

to ha". the proceeding adjourned

(3) A pany whose "!'I'li,.'ion [Of a pos'pOflemenl Of an adjourn men' was den,.d may

,e.ppl)' <>rally a, lhe COmmencemen' or ,«umphon of lhe proceed'ng

(4) The Tribunal ,n delerm,","g whether a p.oceedln2 .hould be p"Slp"ne<l or

ad)ournc'<l. who,. applicable m"" lake in,o """"unl ,he folio", 108 f"",Of'

la) Ihe poslponemen, or .djourmnenl "'ould "nrc"onably im!'Cdc Ih. proceeding;

(bl lhe na'ure and complexity of tbe i.>\"" 1elo..nt '0 lhe proceedlOg;

(c) lhe effom made by the pMle, to be pr.",nl "' the proceeding,

(dl lhe na'ure of ,he ",',dellCe '0 be p"',;cntcd. and ,t><: IIkehhood of <au~IOg an mjuS!icc to an) party 10 ,... proceed,ng ,n ,he absence "flhal ,,',denee:

(e) the effon. made by (he panic. 10 proceed ex!'Cdi(iou,ly,


G<~roJ prom,,,"' ....,,"" '" "f'r/""'wn' 0<01 ../,...",'" T~_I II ,----{ I) An application 0/' reference made to , ... T"bunal mu>!

(al be in the pre>cribed form ,

1M "Ole lhe of the P<'1"'" m.~ing the 'Wlication.

(oJ ,I"" the purJXlS' ofur rderence ofthe awl;c.l;on and 'pecify Itl< ~o'",on of the ACI "oder "h'Ch 'he "Wlication or .oference i, made.

(dJ be ,;gncd by Of on beh.lf ofthe [>Orwn ma~on~ lhe .pplic><;on or ref.",nce;

('J be accomp.niod by lhe pre"'nb<.-d fcc : .nd

(j) be filed "ith Ihe Secrelary.

(2) An applicanl may. "uh Itl< ic"," ()f ,he Cha"man. omi' from Ihe .pplicallon '" ",I<renc~ ,uch of Ihe p;>.rticulars requ'red by lhe« Rules to he included on the 'ppli"at;on or rcferenc~ as ,I'Ic Chamn.n 'pecif,c•. but must ;nclude Olher par"cul.... spec,rood by !ht Ch,mm"n to be Included

0) An "ppl; COnl 0< a per""n m,k,ng a refe",nce !O (he fnbu",1 nm". ""n' •"".led "or)' of 10. .pplicat;on or reference arid a nOli~c und~r paragrnph (4) ''" every [>Orson "ho is a pany {o tl'lc application or reference "'ithin 7 days .fter li>e films of the appioca{;on or .eference.

(4) A OOlK< of II'Ic ,n,king of the application or refere","" rnUSi

(aJ toe add,....",d lO the per",," to "hom";s served:

Ib) inform I ... pe""" on "hom n" ""rwd lhalloc ,wlicalion or "'ference 10 whl<h the nQ[ico relate> h.. bee" made to the Tf1bun.1 and lhallhe pe""'" is, p.rty to lhe apphcatoon '" .....fOf~"t<,

I d be signed by ",on behalf of the 'ppiora"t "'lhe per<on m.kinllihe ..ferenCe;

Id) lhe g.neral natu", of !he "Wioc.""" '" ..fcrene" and specify lhe provlSiun uf lhe Acl '" of 'hese Rule, under "h;ch t'" .pplocation '" ",fe.ence i, made.

I~) be ftl,-d with the s.cre!afy

n.c ChalTm,n may. and ifrequ<skd by. pony lutlle .ppbcati(Kl or ..f<rence fi x lhe dal<. "mO and ploc.o for a prelim;nary heanng of !he application 0< referent·< fOf It.. purpose of dealing wul1 ,uch m,"e~.
A requ<" f'" the r"onS of a dale. lime and place for a prehm,nary hear.og muSifa) be in '",itong addressed 10 the Secretary:

IbJ <pecify.he dale on WhKh lhe applica.,,,n '" reference was flied "'lIh lhe Sc<retary and the rele""l filc number;

(e) stale llIe name of the pany makong lhe «que",

IdJ be "Sncd by or on h<half of Ihat p.Il)·'

(d he flkd " i'hthe Secmary.

(7) The Cha.nltan" to ft, . dale. time and place for the heann~ uf tbe applicalion '" "'fore nee and ,he Secretary mu>! ",,"fy every party to the .pphcation or reference of lhe UnlO and pi..." for Itl< hearing


(R) 11le Trihunal mu," gi," the apr J ican' and .oy ""'," ptl"Y to [he proceedin8 an "I'pc41un;ty of "",,,,""mg a case before the Trioonal in "'peeloftre appliCa[lOn or ,d"",,,,,.

N<~;jk",w. ''i"o~"'1 T",",,,,,I .... of...,,,.. ,

12. (1 ) "1110 Trobun.1 ",ust. "'hen ""bog an ordtor. ,Ia,e in wrmng ils ",",on, for making ,he Qrder

TIle S."c,",y mu>! SCrvO. COP)' of the order undcr pa,agmph (I) on .oy party 10 the applicatIOn or ,efcreoce ,,"';(hl" 7 day. from ,he da'" of lhe order
The s.:.:rclury muS' k<c p a c<>!'y of the documeol ,<cording ,he ""Ie, .od of ;1S

rea..ons .,-"Iable at the office for public '"'pcclion when (hat office IS open during normal off,c< hours_

(4) "[he Chamnan may cii"""", Secretary 10 publi ,h lhe pa,uculars of ,oy ",dor of

,he Tribunal in at kasl one of (he ma," new,,,,,,,,,,, circul'llng in I"" l'iJl ),I,rKh ., ,I", Chairm,n delcrnuoc,

Parag"rh, (2) .nd (4) do nOl oWly '0 a" order thai is ,ubject 10 an .ppeal on " queslion of I.",. to Ihe HIgh COUf!.
An ",derof ,he Tribun"1 must be In F<:>rm I of S<hedulc I
In ,h<;", Rule,. "order' doe, Il0l1,,,,100< an Interim <:>rder <:>r an or""r 'hm " m3<lc In respeCI of an 'ppl""II"" lhat is pre lin,i",!), 10 anOlher I,,""ccding

~PP/OC"""" '" "I"'''''' '" r"""""",, IK ,¥x"""""",,,/b,'p",,~lKdJ'"

13. An application or •""e '0 the Trlbun,l under lhe ACI or ,hes.e Kule' must be ""companied by ,he prescribed fee

N"""I'P'a,"", ,

14,----11) If. party fail, I" .pp<ar before ,he T"bunaJ un the date fi'od for hearing of 'he appile,"on or reference, lbe Ttlbu n. l may aodjoum lb. malte r 10 anOlber d." or "ne die

(2) If lhe ,wlioant or hi, or hef repre ..n"",'c f" Li> to "1'1"'"' heforo the Tribu",1 for h<;arin8 of ,he 'wlica<ion or feference al , later dale referred '" under paragraph (I). the .pplic..ion or fdereoce" d<:omN to haw been abandoned by the apphcan"

8./",.« "Irm"",,"~''''''''' ""... '" r,,_,

15.----11) A rden,nc" of liccn,ini ",hen," made to the Tribunal «"'.on 141 (I) Of ll1< Act must-

la) .pecify" hether the applICant who" referring th<; ",h<;me i>-

(i) the operalO< of Ille p'opo""d ",heme; or

(il) an orgam,ation "'hId ,epresents p<rson' claIming to "'qulfe licence> In case of. dc>cripti on to "blch ,Ile "'home """Ie! apply;

(bl >tatc Ihat the appl",nl pmros<' to tN-ing Ibe l;con"nB ",heme ,nlooperatlOn,

pro"lde a desc ri ption ofthe "'or~ to whlch Ihe liccn"ng «heme" tu apply;
proVIde a<lescriplion oflhe lemts .n,j-oondi,ion', or!he",,,,,",,,,, 'u he i"""d under lhe scheme,

(~I ",k any other mallor relevanl lu!he ref.",n"",

(2) The ",fereoce muSl he ,",oompanied by • copy uf the prop<:>se<! lioensing scheme and must be in Form 2 of ScM"le 1.

R'I''''''' of Ii" "",, "'"'''''

16.-{ I) A reference of' licensing scheme made 'u the Tribunal urKkr """"on 142( 1) of the Act mu"

(al st.te "'he{her the .rrilCant i,_

0) the """ratOT of the licen,mg scheme,

(ii) • penon da"n,ns to re4uirc a licence In' c.... of the dc",nption to which tOO ocdcr appli.s;

(iii) an organi ..'ion "hich represents .uch [>Crwns:

(bJ ,[>Ccify tOO dos. uf "ose, to which (he reference rol ates:

(e) state the name ufthe other party to the dispute that g.w rise10 th. reference,

(dJ 5<t out panicul. " of lhe '''"tlcr in di,,,,,,,,;

(d "at••ny m.Uer relevant {o the ref.rence,

(2) If the refcrence i. "Lade by .n organi""u,," claiming '0 be represenl.' tve of person. requiring lice"ce •. the Tlihu"al must. before de!ernllmng the question whether the organi,,,,i,,,, i. rea,onably representau," of the elm of petron. (hat ,t claim< to fopresent. &lve to '>el)' other party to tt./: refcrenc•••nd to e"cl)' persoo who ha< applied to be made a party to ,he reference and whose applicauun h" not been <letormi""d. 'n opportunity uf presenting a else '" relation to that question.

~wI"'."'"'f<"f"'"" "f"'''''' c!1.,.....~....._., T,,~_I J7 ,-{ I) An arrlieation in respect or. licen,ing scocme made under sec""" 143( I) of the Act mu"

(al <leSCrtbe the gc neral nature ufthe hcen,ins scOeme .. p""';uu,ly confirmed or ,'aried by tOe Tribun.l.
(bl ,!",cify ,he da» of cose. in relat;"" to whioh the apphcan' ",,,he, to refer the scheme to ,he Trib<J1\31:
(e) specify {he date when the Tribunal !." 'nade an order "tib rc'p<'Ct to tile sc beme in rei ation ' 0 that da" of "se, .nd the rel",'ant file nun,be"
(dJ stat. lhe name arrlication; of tOe party to loc dlSpu," that g" " "'" to the
(tl se, ou' parUcu lars of the matter in di,pute,
if! state tile grounds for making the reference;
(gJ <U'e any other ma!!er rele'"."t to the 'pplioation


......K"'''''fn.I""" nfl"".,,, ,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,," ~,," Ioc.",.~ "'....,

18. An .pplication for" Ii<ence to ,be Tribunal "nder ""Iioo 145(\ ) of tho Act must sc, <>ul the cinoumsla""" Of .,'on'" !living rise to lhe application and, in particular

(aj .pecify [he case in "'hieh • licence i. required by the applicant;

specify ,be licen,ing scheme applic.ble in ,h.1 co..." Ie) <tale the no",< of the opefOtor of the scbeme;.rId
specify the d3!e or thoapproximate d",. On ",hich {heapplican{ requested the operator of the sehe"", to granl hIm or be. a licence in occordancr with tbe I(;heme, or to procure (he gr.nt 10 him or he, of .uch licence;
"ate any ",ber m."" ,de'On{ (0 me application

.<,pI"""",, /0....-of_,as W ,"',,1<....,.,liw.", 19 An OWhe.!;"" made to the Tribunal undcr seclion 146(1) of lbe Act mu,,_

stale the li.,<""e number of the operator of Ihe ochemo, (I» ""0 Ibe 1I0""""B scbeme for which!he licence is operating under:
"ate It-.< ""3<O"S for the ""i.",; (dJ ".te any othor m.tter relev.ntto the .pplic'''<Hl.

Rtf'''''''' "' T,;;-""I ofl""f""'d Ii",,,,,,

20. An application made to!h< Tribunal under >ection 149(\) of ,he Ac' mu,tia) "a« ,be licen"nB body prDpO,ing to BTIlot. litence; IbJ ,pecify tile t"nu, of tbe prop<»ed lieer>«;

Ie) ,pecify the work for "'lueh a lice""e" reqUiTed, (dJ >!ate .oy other m.tteT rel,,·ant to the 'pplic>lion.

Rtf___ "Tnb"",1 of _....'"" I.w.",

21 An application mO<k to the Tftbun.1 undcr "",tion 1~1)"flhe Act muSlla) ,t>le the liceoce number; (bl specify tho licen"ng under v.hleh ,ho: licence" opet.~ng; lei stale the reason fOf ,he .ppltcation,

(d) Slat. any other matter rel,,·ant to the .pplico"oo.

~ppI",.,-io'..,,,.....,""" of <'q>O"••1< •.,."'",.,"'"

22. An applle.lton made to the Tftb~nal unde, >eeli"" 163(1) of the Act m respect of !h< remun.rati"" to be patd to person, specified in tho Act moSlla) id<ntify ,he pro,",on in ""peel of '" htch eqult.ble remu""ral,on payable i, in dlSpu«:

IbJ provid<. de<c"plton of the ....ork that i. affocted; leJ "ate any <> maller relevant to the appllc.tion


A""'~'"""" .,,,......... po""" .1"'''',.....

B. An >wlioa""" '0 ,lit Tnbu ••! to be made. patty to. proceed,", "Me. seclion

209(2)(al of the Act mUS'

(aJ 'JICcify Ihc dale "hen lhe proceedIng w.. in'lIMed and ,he ",Ie,'.nl f,'.
(bl oct 00" 'oc ",It..., ",to..SI of (he """hean' ,n ..1'''')(1 to ,n. maUe' rCO"
proceed ing;
Ie) roque.,.he Tribunal to m.le lhe applic.n,. pony to the pnXccding;
(d) Sial. 'D)' <:>ehe< m.!ler ,d.'-,n' to ,he applicOIion.
Or.., "",""""".'
24. -( I) A pany "". proctdling urKkr ,heA<:, 0< llxse Ruk. may apply to ,he Tnbun.1

~",,"nglhe Tribunal '0 male on order ""Ih ,espec1lo any maUer ••I.,ing to , .... pn:>e«ding.

n.. .pplication muS! '1""'lfy the dal' wben (he proc.:cd lng "'as ,n.uwlCd arod the rek,ant fill; numbcr aoo muSI S<l 00' the eireumStances or .,-cnlS gm"g n"" to ,he opp1,C'lIon
A parly to ,he proceeding "lOy .oosentlo the making of lite onkr >O\Ight hy the "Wlical;"".
lhc C",""'"' of. pany may be en<kl<>cd on ,he .wileal",n Of set 00' ,n a "parOle documen' filed ","h the Secrelary bul. if'lI< coo",nl i. sel "", in > separale docuIOCnllhal " n04 filed ....lth the application. th.t party mu,t ""n,e a cOjlY of the document on the applic'nl ,,[{h in 7 d.y, aft.. the document i, filed.
s.,,, Itt of RO"C< of lhoe maJ,,\ng of the "!'Phco"on. or of copy of thoe 'pplicatlOll. i, "'" rC<ju"ed to be effected 00 a p.u1y to thoe I""Cfl'd lng ....ho ho, COII",nt<d 10 til< m.klng of thoe OI'Il<:r ,",ught by til< apphc."on ond "'" Ice of '",h I nOlle< or copy on any od...f pe"on may. ", ith It.. 1<",'. of lhe Chamnan or of tt.. Tribunal. be d"I"' n,;cd wilh.
A party lothe pr-oe<edlng may lodge an objection to thoe 'Whcatlon by filing wilh lhe Secmory • nOClCe of obJetti"" within 14 <.by, oft<:r til< nOli"" of the mating of lht: >pplicallon ," .. ",rve<! on h,m.
A pc""n lodging an objec'ion must ,.:r,'. > ..,.led OOPY of the ""'ioe of obJcc",,", On ,he applicanl '" [(toi" 7 d. y. aft"' 1I0"Ce of ,he obJcct,,,,, " filed", Ith the Socret.ry,
A notice of obje.""" mu>t~ (,,) be In ""<tng add"",,,,d to ttlt Secretory:

(b) specify the dat. on ",-)"ch ,he >Whc""on "'-..flkd wnh ,he Sc<:rel1l'Y and Ib< relevant file numb<:r:

Ie) >tat<!he name of ,lie pany lodging the <>b)<<1ion;

(d)<: ,he JIIUllnds of the objeCuon; and

(t! be ..gned by or 011 hehalf of lhe pany lodging Ihc obJOCUOll


1be Tribunal mu" consido, the arrile.tion and may make ,uch order in rebtion to the .wlicaliOfi '" th< Tribunal con"ders reason.ble In the d"'U"lSl.I\CC._
'!lie Tribunal must nO! refuse the application in whole or In part ",;,hoot the applicant an """,,",unity to rn:scn1 hi' 0.-her case '00. if an 00-,,"1100 has """" l",lged u)

the .pplica'ion, must nOi grant the application in whole or in part ",Uho"" giving the pan)' by ,.,nom 1he object;()II w", loogOO an opportunity of pre sen ling hI< or her case,

AI""",, G..""I "' ~i" _i<,

25.---11) If1here is m.II<, before the Tribun.J which. in lIu; opm;"" of the Attorney G<ncral may .ffect the public intcuS!. the Al1On\oy General may wnlt 10 the Tribunal rcque"ing to have his orhcc vIew' heard on tile maUer.

(2) On receipt of the Attorney Generars wrIlle" req ...l. the Tribunal may di'"", Ihal the Anorney Gen.",1 give n"'lCe 1001.., partie, 10 the procoeding at ie." 3 day, hefore the maUer i, hoard bef"", t!>e Tribunal


c"""• ..""" <f""pi".,,.,,,, """ ..j.""""

26. Whore 2 or more 'PI'lication' "'" pending before lhe Tribunal, the Tribunal may. ofit. OWn ",OI,On or on the awlication o{ a pany to:tIly ofthe application., d,,''':1that ""me or all of the ,wlication, be cOIl sidered togetller and may give ,,,,,h con,",quential directions

'" it con,ide« tleC"'sary,

27, Wbere 2 or m<>re ",fereoce. ore pending bef"", tbe Tribunal in rd.lIon to the one hcence scheme. the Tribunal may o{ i,. own mQtion or on the .pphcation of a party to "ny of tbe ",{e'ene"" di",ctthat ""me 0' all of tho rderence. be con.idered together and may give ,uch c""''''luenhal directi"" ... the Tribunal con"ders n.:ce,sary

28, Before smog a dilution u"<ler this rule, lho Tribunal mu" g"'c each party to each of lite appltcation or ",{e'enee con<emed an orP()nun't~ 10 prescnt hi. or he, co,""

~"'_'"",oJ."" Me"".. u{ "" w." 29.--{I) If lhe Trib.mal refe" 0 question of law art;,"g ,n p,ocew,ng' befon: it for determination of tOO High Coon, being proceeding' in ""hich ,he T,ibunal h", not g,ven i" dec;,i"". tlte Tribunal is to adjourn ,t< hcanng oftho .. pr,'cee<ling' until the que"i"" referred h.. been beard and doternuncd by the !ltgh Cou,t.

(2) If an order of the Tnbunal " ,u'penJe<i. ,!>e SecfOtary must notify e,'ery party to '00 proceed,ng in wn!ing of the s"spens;"" and, if ran"ul..... ,,[the Mk, ha,', bc<:n ptlblisltcd in pursuance ofa dtrec!ion under ru le 12(4), must ptlhli'h ra'htul.... of!he suspension in " I••" one of the main newspapers circula,ing in the FiJ' Island, a< the Chatnnan directs,

/>"""....' b.ft'" T"~"",,I oft" """...."r.", of"""",,. of!.>w by II". " .. " 3Q,--{ I) If a question of law ari,;ng ,n • proceeding has been ",f'[Too 10 and dc."rtTllncd High COIl,t, any party 10 the proceeding before the coun may fil" with the Secretary

cOJIy of the oruer of 100 coun.

SubjccllO paragr-ljlll (3). "hen I copy of the order of lhe H'gh coun has been filed under paragraph (1). the CMmnan must fix a lime and place for ,he re.umption or ,he he""'i of the proceeding and ,he Secretary mu .. notify IhI: parties of ,he time Md plOtt of the proceeding "'ilh,n 7 <!aI'S after the H'gh Coun ~made the order,
l'angraph (2) doe. 1>01 apply iflhe que,u"" ofl." "os rdefTcd 10 the H,&h Court aft"-Ihe Tnl"mal had 8,,'en "' <l<ociSl"" in the procuding and {hal dec""",, "c"",,,lenl ",,,h lhe delenninanon of I .... court.


,1,-( I) The Tribunal ImY lI",nll...,'. loa party to, proceeding 10"""'00 a documen' pR" ",,",sly filed wllh lhe S<c"'tary by that pari)' in conne~i"" "ilh Ihal """""",in,

Leave ofthe Tribunal under p:>rngraph (I) Imy be , "'"led uncondlliona)ly 0< .ubJ<cI '0 .uch Condlllon' 0' the Thbun,l conSIders a"",,,,,riale
If Itan " gr,nled [0 a party 10 • proceedlnll to amend documenl. the party must fik ",Ih ,he Secrelary • SIalemenl of the amendments .nd. upon the filing of lhe ".lemenl, lhe am<ndmenl< an: deemed 10 be made
The pany filing lhe Statemenl mu" notify ."eIY ",her pany 10 the procec<lmg by >c",ng' ...Ied copy of,1Ie "al.menl on them ",,,lun 7 day' altor the SI..emenl" r'led
N",h,ng ,n this rule "","en" • person from rlhng a 001"", specifYIng a .." address for <trvlCe ,n =onIan<c ,..IIh ruk 6

.w-,.,'" .'i_,'"

32. Summons 10 a "'ilncss uDder $<'L·ti"" 21" of lhe ACI muSt hc in Form 2 OS •• " ",II m lhe Fir .. Schedule

"'-'''''' of"_ 31, The Tnbunol or II>< Ch:t,rm.n may. wl><tl><. hcf"", or ,fier lhe exp".IJo)fl of the lime specified undcr II><.. Rule. for the filing ofadocUmenl ",nh lhe Secrelary. tl>< ""'il18 of. <io<umen l on • permn or lhe dot"1 ofany OIhe, act, ."erod th.tlimc for such pcriod.rod ,ubJI'C1 10 s""h condi"""" as <he TnDunal Of the Chairman thinks fit 10 impooe


}4 The Chauman "10 notify in the Ga:rlle

(a) lhe add«« of the off>e. of lhe Tribunal:

(/» the add«« of another designated office of tl>< Tribunal:

(e) any change in lhe addre,<t, 10 any office refem:d 10 In .ub-paragraph (aJ or(b).


35 The 1<"'$ .peciflcd in Schedule 2 are payable ,n respect of the maUers in relation 10 ",h,ch they are specified.


,,_~, to "'"'" p"",.d.,..! ~"_"'.... Iff,,·, of....-'-'''''P'_'

3b . .....-{I) SubjCct t" Ih" Act. the T"""nal mfty. ;n relation t" ~ny prottodln8. ,. spec"'] <i<tumSla"'es. a""either absolutely Of >uhj<:cl «>cood,uon" "'<nip! a pctsOO from c"",pl~lng ",,{h any procedural ~u;"'l1I<n" or lI"e>.< Rules.

(2) Subject to , .... Act, """~pl;.",,e with any or lhese Rule5 doe, "01 rendec .,.;.,! • rroc<'cding Of an order of'he Trib"nol. bu, the proceeding or ""lor may tit <Cl " l<le .nhe, ""holly or in pan as irregular. Of amended. or OIlier... ,,,, de.1! wIth. by tho Tribunal in such mOnner and upon .""" l<rms as Ihc Tribun,l think. fit 10 impose.

App/inohoo of!o/~.'''''''., Co." RoI" ofmol",....", 37 If lI>:re i, 1>0 pro,i.ion in these Rule. to metl the circumSla""". "';,jng '" any man", bdOf'< {he Tnbun.l, the Tnbunal may be gUIded by any relevanl pro"";"" In tile MaglSl,aIC" Couns Rule.,


FOflTl 1

(R~I~ 12(6))


PII No: FuN,,: E-maIl address:


Reference Numbe" ::::::::::::::::::

Apphcallon Number:

R~: In 1l>c M.l1cr of _____________________

In .,.",i.. of the po,,'.rscOft[crred upon it unde. section of the Act, and aftcr uk '"lP n to IICCount all the ",Ie.,ont fociors .uroondIng tl>o application or ",fe'ence, and ha>',"g I",anl submission, from e>'ery party to the application or .de.eRe<:, ti'c Tribunal makes lhis Orde.

2. n,.gr<:<Jndson"hichthl:Qnkr;,madean: _______ ______

,hiS day or

Chairman of the Tr;bunal


To: n.e ChalfIn.n Copyright Tribunal

(If"ppijam, is 1M 0(>'role' 0/th~prop<>std liu~sins s~/u>m~. pl~auJill in IN!10M I

1.1. of am II>< """""or of!he folIo,", 'iii proposed !l<bcme

which I ~f"'l0 lhc Tribunal.

2. If 1he pr<JP<>SN scheme is appro>cd. I ,nt.tId 10 btinS the scheme mtO operation


(If applicam os "" o'g<l"i'(J/ion ,,-hj,h "prrunlJ {Hrs",,, r/(Jiming 10 "q~,rt / tht caso of (J dr:u:,,'plion ro ..h,ch Ih' Kh,m. "'ould apr/.< pi"".fill

In /Hle.... /

, 'be;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::::::::::::::::::--:~::::__:::(~":":"':'ofotg"n "allon) " pre"'nl! (ei.unanl of licence) woo require. a licenco in respeci of til< work(,) specified in paragraph 4 to '" hlCh lbe ",berne ,"ould apply
4 1110 liccn,ing "'heme i, to .pply in res!,<cl of the following

('p'cify ,h~ 'JJ>< of...0'*) "11\0 !em" and condition, of the licence to be ;,,"cd under the scheme arc

6. The scheme. ,f appro.eJ, ",,11 <om. ,n ,o operatIon On ~_________ 0111<, ,"f,,",.allOO ,oJ,vanltO the ... fercnce

IA/well an)' d"".m<nr. ""'''rial. copi« of co,,,spond~nc~_,, "c. ifa"Q;labl~ 'D '''ppon p<lmgraph 5.)

8. CUnIIK"' addTt" of aprlie.nt

Homepoonc number Work phone nunobe,


Fa. Number: E-m..1:odd",,,

Sign.tore of "pplic.oJ DOle

For official u,~ onl)'_ AppitcatlOn reference number' ~_______ _

Date of recOlpt of 8p!>lic.tlon ___ _ Rem.,,,

"'"" ;

(Rul~ J6( I))


To: l1>e Chaim\lfl Copyright Tribun>l



am ra; III< openlor of !he licell>,nll <chern<. or (b) ptfSOfl do"ning to =lui,..

liu""" in'""",,, or !be dt<enption '0 which !he ortIn OW!.e< (ur>d<rhn< ,",'bert applicable). (If Gn or8a.isatimt. fill ill b.low)

Tho ;;,;~==============:::;;(nameoforgoni...tion)

"'prest"1S (name of the operator of hccMlng scheme).

3. !be I'dtreroce relote. 10 ,he follo"""g daM of ca..,.

(Ploas, alllKh ""yd<x~n'. ropi..of<om", "",,,n.,li, tic. 10 J"P(X)"

paragmplt 5.)

Con""" oddre<, of applicant:


Workpbone :":m:~:::'. ===::;;:;;;;;Homt phone number:


Fa, Number: E·ml.lladdre..:

Signalure of awlic••l

Fur oflic;~1 ...-~ t)f1.1y:

A""licalion ",fer""". numbor. Dale of receipt <>f applicallOll R.marks:



T,,: TIle: ChaJnnan Copyngln Tribunal


apply in ""peel of a liconsing ",heme made undor ""clion 143(1) of the Act 11M: following i••do><:ription 01 the Ii"en,ing scheme

  1. 11M: followmg art the cia"" 01 cas.cs 10 whl<:h th" application relale'
  2. 11M: dale of tho order lasl marie by It>< Tribunal ","h ""peet '" lhe schen,e In relation to the olas, ofc...... mentlon<d abo...r><! the" relc:vlllIl file number. 11M: othtr pany 10 the d"pllle ...,ulilng In Ih" apphcauon IS

TIle 1'3111,,"1,,'0[ 11>0 m.ller in dl>JIUle ....


  1. O\her man ..... relevant 10 d>e Ippioe>lIO<1
  2. ContaCt addre .. of applicant W",k phO!lenumber: Home pI>onc numb«'

Re<idc"tial/work odd~~"~.==~~~::::~::~======

Fll Numbcr:.~~_~~~_E-maIl add....:

Signalure of opplic3nt D,.

For official u ... onl}'"

ApphcauOfl ref...""o number' Dale of reco'P' of .pphCal""'" Remark"





To n... cn.mnan Cop)'right Tril>unal

i"urSuan' to ":<llon 145 oflhe Act, I d.imlh.1


(name of opera'or) has r.fusedlO gran' me or procure ,he granllO me of . he. nee 10 ,,"cordance wilh

('pccify the licen,mg .\Cherne). or has failed 10 do '0 after weeks! month, of my 'Wlicalion for the licence

The work foc which Tam awlying fot • jj""nee ..

3. Altach copy ofyour • .,.h.ram>lic.t;on to theope"'t", namoo In raragraph I above and any other rdated cOITCsl'ondence, or documents rclCyantlo II". aWhe.lion.

Conlact oddre.. of applicant: W",k phone numbe" Ho"'" phone number.


Fax Numhcr: E-maIl addre;;;

SIgnature of applicant D.le

For "!fir;"! use only.

Applicalion reference "Umbe" Dale of ",,,e'pl of .ppIiClt;o • . Remark.:

Form ~ IRul~ 19)


To: The Chairman Copyright Trthunal

L Pumlant to section 146( I) of the Act, l. 0< om !hc • original awlican Iloperalo.-of

(name oflice n,i n g ",heme) awly [0 the 10 ",vi.w lhe oni<r i"ued under section 145 of the Act in respect of the follow;n8 decision

I'P~cify the "levantordu, c,# "jue"c, ntmWerojord" ijmown 10 applicant).

2. In re.iewing the order, I request !he Tribunal to con,ider the following: ___

"D.l", wh". applicabl.

3. Contact .dd"" of . pplicant:


Work phone number: 110,"'" pIl"":.:":":m:",::'~=====

. =

~1lX !<;umber: E-mail addr ...:_

Signature of applicant Dale

For official us< only:

Application ref.rence number: Date of re<eipl of .pploc.~on: Remark.

Form 7



To: n... Olainnan Copyright Tribunal


If appliCQJ1t i, a lictllw'g body. pklJS~fill in ~I(}w:

I, Pursuantlo section 14~1) oflhe Act, thc'---C-Cc---:--c--::-::----:

___--:--:-,-____ (name or licensmg body) refen to !be Tribunal for a;>?fflval {he foHo,"",ng proposed!C1rnS on ..~ha licence IS to be ""nled:

2 11>< Pf'JIl"'S"d licence is In "'peel of the followIng wor\.

3 Plea!.C Pro,-ide any o,her rdevonl mater; a! ordoc ~m<n'to support yOOf oppl ico"""_ Ifapplicant i, a PI'OS~cti,'. lic<",~~. pl~as.fill ,It ~I"",."

4 Pu""""110s.ecuon 149(1"):O"~'~~A':"~.~'.:::==:::==;;;~~;;n;;;;;;;fu;

-'---C-C-CCC-_of _ refer to tOe Tribunal for approval (he foll"",;"g pr~lemo< On which a licence is to be granted,

6 Please pro.ide any ",her..)cvan. material 01 <kw;u,,",nl II> ,uppon your awlic..;on
,_ Coot"'" oddress of applicant:
work/l-lome:""~":"='===~~~::~:::~=====WoO: phone number: Home phone number: Fax Number: E_mail address: _______ _ _ _ _

Sign.tort of apphcant


For offidal .u 0"/.-"

Application rere",nce number

Da,. of fCCeLP, of appile.llnn



IRul~ 2l)


To: The Chairman Cop)righl Tribunal

1\1"0'01 (0""";00 150(1) 01 10. Act. 1______________ o, ___________.m the 0"'11<' of.liccnco that ;.doc to exp"". by

-.mux,OI'I 01"",,,1as a ",ult of n<>l,cc g,,'on bY;;;;;:;;;;;;;_-.:=====:

________ ____(nameofhcen'ingbody)on

2. Iflhe licefICt is due toe'pi,. ......ult of noti",g"'en by licen,ing body, pic ....give de,..led aceoo"1 of factors ,urroundlns til. iss"" of nol,c,,:

(PI",j, pro"ide cOP'" ofco,,,sponJ,,,c<. mau,,'ol. doc"mmt. ,'c. to 'uppa" ),our starem,nls in paragr~ph 2.)

.1 I rer.. the hctflte 10 [he Tri bunal on tbe ground that it i. unreason.bk In lh. eircum"ance, thai the hcence ,hould tea," [0 be In fore.

~ COOl'''' add.,," of applican'

Work phone "umbe" HOlll. pho"" number:


F ... NUIllber: E·mail,&ire"

Signalure of applicanl D..,

0./", "'~"applieah/,

For official ...., ORI,:

Apphca""" rtferenee numbe"

D.I. of '.("pI of applicalion,





To: 11>< Chairman

Copyrighl Tribunal

>~:":":~:':'":~;':~~O:"":===,O:;U:' li:":" """"C'0,""","~.,A:"'.,,:. ======:


on lhe basIS lnal

: and I canno! agree ... 10 lhe ",muncralion 10 be paOd,

2. Thi, .pplic."on is in ",specl of ,he follow,"g work(.): 3 "The fol/o'""ing faclon a", rdennllO Ihl< applic,"""

(P/'aU pro.",J. an." mmm'a/ or d",uffltnl, copi" 0/ corrtspond,nu>" ,Ie, 10 ,uppoJ"f your .laI.m,,,,, in parugraph 3,)

4. Contact odd",.. of applicant

Work phooe numb<" Home phoM~::":":m:.::._======


Fa>; Number: E-mail oddre ..:_

Signature of ""piie'",

For offici~l "S~ only:

Application fcfe"'",. numbec Dal. of rectip! of applic.lIon, Remarks:

Form 10 (R.I,2JJ


To: l1Ic Chairman CopYrlgh1 Tribunal

L rut>uanlto =h"" 209(2)(a'JJ_o' . =======:-;;;;;;;;;;


:-:-:-_:-_:-:-:-_of _ aPl'ly to tl><

Tribun.l to be included as. party in the proceed,"g. ref~rred to in paragraph 2.

(Cite "1''''"<:< numb" ofprocudongs iflno,,-n to applicant.)

Stat< !he name of the pan"s to the proceedlnllS:


7. Cono.acl address of "I'PhcaIW Workpohooenumbcr Home phoncnumbcf-:

F.. Number: Ji.mailaWl, .."


1'0' offi~;~1 .u O/I/y:

"'1'fI1",,,;,," ,de",,,,,. number 0..110 of '''''.'pI or appile""on: Remark .


To: The ChlJrman Cop~righl Tnbunoi


hcrrby =lue" Ihc Tnt>tJn.llo n"k~/Ill order with ""pt<1 '" the followmg maltcl"$ ",'.IIng 10 !lit proceed,n"


I'J , iii

Thi. 'ppheat,,," i. made bosed on tile folio" InB circum'tances:

(pI",,, pro,'id. an, ""~"n' docu",,,,,, """uial, cOp'es ofCO""po""-CfIC< I" JUpporT your Slol,,"'Mls in paro8rapit Z.J

-Specify u... proceed,", 10 ",hich lhi. aWlicalion OIlPhc• . ,"I< I.... ,derence number of p<oce<:dings if known 10 "Wheant, dote the proceedIngs commenced.


h>rm 11

(R.I. 32)


To ("am< and addre<$ of ...-It""..________~__________ You are hereby <umrno"cd 10 a!lend before lh. COJl)"8hl Tnbunal .. _,--______ -,-_ (place)"" ,20 .•1 o'clC>ck in lhe mQ<ninglr.oon. and ''''''caher rmm day 10 day unll' the lH:anng ofP"",-'<<<I . i"g' In rchui"" to the "Wheal;on (Of ref.rence <If lnqmry) 'p"" abo,. " completed Of u"til)'OO are rdcoscl rmrn further '''.000.111'''0

1. You .re required to .ttcnd bdoro 'he Tribunal for 'he purpooc of I:"ini ."denc. Ln ,h. proceed,"" '" ,ciaoo" '0

(nam< a/p<Jrfi.J 10 proc"JingJi.ubj'c[ ofp.-(KudingJ),


'}. You "'" requ",," !O btl... "','" )00 and pnxI",,~ tho: (01100.-,,,, documenlS .". "."des Of doctomenlJ

(Par~8roph 4 "I'PU.. 10 ~·,mUJ $ummvn<d by TribuMI "f lurru', " ,"'n mor;on


As you an: a ."Inc..."",monotl by ,he Tnbunal of 111 ,,,,,n mOil"" .. !>do. _cion 21J.(1) of !he Ace. you "'" ~nmkd 10 be paid a ...", of S _____ '" '" Tnbunal ,n respeel 01 a1~.lnd",m,lIin, ~.pcllloeS

(P~".grr>ph 5 appl'r.s 1<) ...·"fOIl1 IwmmolU "'quurm II) .. ",.nv 10 Manng om,)

s. "'. ~ou are a ... nne" ,un,mnned by the Tl1bunal ~\ the request of

;;;;;:~;;;:;;-;;;;;;~;;:-========-(~~:"=,~(:,~~:arlng) I'll"u., 10

s«!ion 21 ~(4) of the Act _ (party ,<> he";",) is ",,,,,,,,,,,ble f.". your ,ra".11o"8, allo",.,.nce< and any fec. "",WTCd in .... proceu ofy"", he'.1 a "-;,ness at ,he hoann,

you .... liable to pay 10 the Tnt..anal alineors______"" f&lhn,lO&lleDd ,he above <.p<eilied proc<:c<J,n.,

Dated ., 'his doy ur

Ch:a'rmM (or D<:puly Ow"""" Of Member) of !he COpyn,h, Tribunal

' lnK" If appllcable_





Column 2 Column 1 ltc,,, Mat'« ,~ (VAT incl)

Colo"'" I Appli<aHOfIlo T"b\I""I,,, coofimo Of Yory • ~hcenlln, <eM.... under sectJoo 141 (1) 5100.00


Refe",,,,,,, "'11CC"s,n. oche"", '" Tnbolnal unde. ~U"" 142(1) $100,00


Further ref.,."". of hcen"", seh<m< to Tribunal "ode,-'«110" I H( 1 ) 55000

Awlle."",. rOf 8ron1 of licence In

COIUleC'_ ..-"h licclISlnl ",h<:me under se<"\1010 14j( I) IUId (2) 5100.00


ApphcailOll (CO' "" '....' oforder ul'l<l<T """;011 146( I ) $50(lj


Rcf<reD<e to Tnbunal of"'plling I",."". undcr .1<:01",. 15lX I ) $.so,OO


Apphca""" r ..... ",ne.. · of ",dc, '"' t" lice"". undo< ....,hon 151(1) $50_00

AppIO<:"U"" '0 <k\crm'D(: cqUIW>ic n"""'" u..xr _UOOI 163 SHXlIXI


Apphc.u"" 10'" to a

pn>e«d,", under Sec""" 209(2)(.) $'j()OO

w Apph".""" req"C>lIng for an ",de. by the Tnl>un.l "o.k. regulau"" 24 $50.00

E""""",,"OII 01 ....,,""'" before ,he



Sear-ch 01 ottkr. do<;:U,ro:.,. other p;lpCrl 5$00

ProY;ding co!',e. of ",(ler, document," nUlcr papers {Of each page $1.00

Cenifying a copy of. <Iocumen, _

(a) for'~ccninca<t

(b) foreac~ pa£e Made", Su.a 'hi' n,h day of June 2003.

15.00 Sl.00

HON JUSTICE PATUIK ChalfTllVl Copyngh'Tnbunal



L~ .",rel'" of lilt POI' 0" conferred upon i, by Section I) 0( ,he Cl)Un'cr.infailion Ac,. the Ptic•• and Incornes Board, I'1!h ,he approval of lhe Mln;"e. of Fm.ncc, Nal,onal Plann'ng .nd Communl<."ons. mok•• II>< following Ordcl


Thi' On!er may he ci'ed os lhe Cl)Unler_lnn.,ion (Sef"lce, Conlrol) (Telecom fiji LIl"ned) and come, in,o force on 11 Ib luly 2003 .

.11",.-... " ............... ' 2, The ma"mUTn 1"'<0 for ,e!ephort< charg •• \hall no< ex.eed (he ]>rice• ..,( ou( below

Unn fee charge 12 crnlS I"" unll ",,,Iu,",. 0( V AT

Lint rtRlill CM'8~

Residential 53.23 per monlh ,nclu,"'" of VAT Bu,"""u S4.74 per mon,h ".du",. of VAT

All other condition. of ,he "''' ic. and chorg .. remaIn unchanged


., 11>< Countcr·!nnatlOn (Se" ice.) (Connol) (Fij' Pom & Tclecomnlumcalion, LimilM) Order 1994 (Leg.1 NOliee No. 35 of 1994) i, revoked

~1ad, Ibt; Sib day of Jul) 2003 A n NAULlVOU Secrelary Pt".> and Incom.. Buard

API"m'td b}' me ti". 2nd day of July 200,


Mln,,'.r of Fmanc•. Na"on.1 Planning and Conunun...""",


PU8l1C El'lICRPRISE ACf 199t> (ACf NO. 3~ CO' 199t»


I,; nc",,;~of tho pow«, conf.m:<I upon me by ...:tion 44( I) of the Publ", Ent<rpris.c Act and wah the .ppro.'al of ~'" cab""'t, I decian: that tho t'1XId Proce.sor L,mLted be a Government Commen:i.l Company

And I (""her declare th3tthc: Food Proc••_ Lllnlted be tncludtd In Scbeduk 3 of {be

Doted thi. 9th day of July 2003


M,ni..., ro. Pub!>" Enterpn.. 300 Public Sect".. Reform

., ""c" ,'''__"'*"...... n. __,


"'" ".'"