Act No. I of 1996 on Radio and Television Broadcasting



Act I of 1996

on Radio and Television Broadcasting

Section 117

(1) As of 1 July 1996, the operator shall transfer all the broadcasts of public service broadcasters through its system if the area of reception thereof extends to the given head station. These broadcasts shall be distributed as a basic service, and the subscriber may not be charged with an extra fee for these broadcasting services.

(2) Transfer for all public service broadcasters shall be free of charge, and nor can public service broadcasters demand any consideration of the operator for the transfer of their broadcasts. In the case of the broadcasting services defined in subsection (1), the operator shall be exempt from the payment of the royalty defined Section 50/G, subsection (1) of Act III of 1969 on Copyright (hereinafter "CRA").

(3) The contract concluded between the operator and the broadcaster may not contain a stipulation which prevents the operator from concluding a contract with a broadcaster.

(4) The operator may conclude a contractual agreement with any broadcaster in which it undertakes to collect a fee from the subscribers of the broadcast transferring system for the broadcasts, to the benefit of the broadcaster.

(2) In the case of the broadcasting services operating solely on a broadcast transfer system and specialized broadcasting services provided through a satellite telecommunications system, the number of broadcasting services belonging to the same broadcaster on the broadcast transferring system belonging to a single operator may not exceed twenty percent of the broadcasting services transferred in the broadcast transferring system.