United Kingdom

The Patents (Companies Re-registration) Rules 1982 (S.I. 1982/297)



1982 No. 297

The Patents (Companies Re-registration) Rules 1982


4th March 1982

Laid before Parliament

15th March 1982

Coming into Operation

5th April 1982

The Secretary of State, in exercise of the powers conferred upon him by section 123 of the Patents Act 19771, hereby makes the following Rules:-

1. These Rules may be cited as the Patents (Companies Re-registration) Rules 1982 and shall come into operation on 5th April 1982.
2. Where a body corporate has re-registered under the Companies Act 19802 with the same name as that with which it was registered immediately before the re-registration save for the substitution as, or the inclusion as, the last part of the name (in either upper or lower case of letters and with or without punctuation marks) of-

(a) the words "public limited company" or their equivalent in Welsh; or

(b) the abbreviation "p.l.c." or its equivalent in Welsh,

then references to the name of the body corporate in any application to the comptroller, in the register and in any other record kept at, or any document issued by, the Patent Office and relating to patents shall be treated on and after the date of such re-registration as references to the name with which the body corporate is so re-registered.

Reginald Eyre,
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State,
Department of Trade.

4th March 1982.


(This note is not a part of the Rules.)

These Rules provide that when a company re-registers as a public company under the Companies Act 1980 (which re-registration does not constitute a new legal entity but merely subjects the company to certain additional company law rules) applications to the comptroller, the register of patents and other records kept at or documents issued by the Patent Office and relating to patents shall be treated as changed accordingly without the need for an application to the patent Office.

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