WIPO Lex Partners

WIPO Lex provides free access to the most comprehensive collections of IP laws and treaties to Member States of WIPO and academics and professionals studying IP laws and treaties all over the world.  In an effort to further strengthen relations with a diverse range of IP academics, WIPO Lex has sought and established partnerships with certain academic institutions.

The following partners use WIPO Lex as an important educational and research tool and help WIPO update and enhance WIPO Lex.  Their web site information resources may contain useful legal resources developed by using WIPO Lex.  Hyperlinks to partners’ websites are provided as a convenience only, and imply neither responsibility for, nor approval of, the information contained in those other web sites on the part of WIPO.

• East China University of Political Science and Law (China)
• The Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
• Meiji University (Japan)
• Renmin University China (China)
• The Institute for International Business Law, Fribourg University (Switzerland)
• The Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property (Russian Federation)
• The Russian Foreign Trade Academy (Russian Federation)
• Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Russian Federation)
• Vanderbilt University (United States of America)
• International Center of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russian Federation)