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AccessionMay 21, 1996
Entry into forceAugust 21, 1996

Declarations, Reservations etc.

Declarations made upon accession:
Interpretative declaration regarding article 2, paragraph 2, and article 3:
"Although the Government of Kuwait endorses the worthy principles embodied in article 2, paragraph 2, and article 3 as consistent with the provisions of the Kuwait Constitution in general and of its article 29 in particular, it declares that the rights to which the articles refer must be exercised within the limits set by Kuwaiti law."
Interpretative declaration regarding article 9:
"The Government of Kuwait declares that while Kuwaiti legislation safeguards the rights of all Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti workers, social security provisions apply only to Kuwaitis."
Reservation concerning article 8, paragraph 1 (d):
"The Government of Kuwait reserves the right not to apply the provisions of article 8, paragraph 1 (d)."