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SignatureNovember 22, 1950
RatificationOctober 31, 1957
Entry into forceJanuary 31, 1958

Territorial Information

By a communication received on 30 December 1985, the Government of the Netherlands informed the Secretary-General that "the island of Aruba which was a part of the Netherlands Antilles would obtain internal autonomy as a separate country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands as of 1 January 1986". The said change would have no consequence in international law. The treaties concluded by the Kingdom which applied to the Netherlands Antilles, including Aruba, would continue, after 1 January 1986 to apply to the Netherlands Antilles (of which Aruba is no longer a part) and to Aruba.

Notification of extension to Netherlands New Guinea and Suriname: October 31, 1957.