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Declaration / Notification of SuccessionNovember 1, 1974
Entry into forceNovember 1, 1974

Declarations, Reservations etc.

In its notification of succession, the Government of Zambia declared that it withdrew the reservations made by the Government of the United Kingdom upon extension of the Convention by the latter to the former Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. The reservations reproduced herein are new reservations, which were made subject to the provisions of article 39 (2) of the Convention.

Declaration made upon succession:
"Article 22 (1):
The Government of the Republic of Zambia considers paragraph 1 of article 22 to be a recommendation only, and not a binding obligation to accord to stateless persons national treatment with respect to elementary education;
Article 26:
The Government of the Republic of Zambia reserves the right under article 26 to designate a place or places of residence for stateless persons;
Article 28:
The Government of the Republic of Zambia does not consider itself bound under article 28 to issue a travel document with a return clause in cases where a country of second asylum has accepted or indicated its willingness to accept a stateless person from Zambia;
Article 31:
The Government of the Republic of Zambia shall not undertake under article 31 to grant treatment more favourable than that accorded to aliens generally with respect to expulsion."