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Declaration / Notification of SuccessionJuly 6, 1992
Entry into forceJune 25, 1991

Additional Information

The former Yugoslavia had acceded to the Convention on April 9, 1959: Entry into force - June 6, 1960.
In a letter dated 1 July 1992, received by the Secretary-General on the same date and accompanied by a list of multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary-General, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia notified that:
"When declaring independence on 25 June, 1991 the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia determined that international treaties which had been concluded by the SFRY [Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia] and which related to the Republic of Slovenia remained effective on its territory (Article 3 of the Constitutional Law on the implementation of the Constitutional Charter on the Independence and Sovereignty of the Republic of Slovenia…). This decision was taken in consideration of customary international law and of the fact that the Republic of Slovenia, as a former constituent part of the Yugoslav Federation, had granted its agreement to the ratification of the international treaties in accordance with the then valid constitutional provisions.
The Republic of Slovenia therefore in principle acknowledges the continuity of treaty rights and obligations under the international treaties concluded by the SFRY before 25 June 1991, but since it is likely that certain treaties may have lapsed by the date of independence of Slovenia or may be outdated, it seems essential that each treaty be subjected to legal examination.
The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has examined 55 multilateral treaties for which [the Secretary-General of the United Nations] …has assumed the depositary functions. …[T]he Republic of Slovenia considers to be bound by these treaties by virtue of succession to the SFR Yugoslavia in respect of the territory of the Republic of Slovenia…"