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SignatureSeptember 28, 1954
RatificationOctober 26, 1976
Entry into forceJanuary 24, 1977

Declarations, Reservations etc.

Declaration made upon ratification:
"1. Article 23 will be applied without restriction only to stateless persons who are also refugees within the meaning of the Convention of 28 July 1951 relating to the Status of Refugees and the Protocol of 31 January 1967 relating to the Status of Refugees, but otherwise only to the extent provided for under national legislation;
2. Article 27 will not be applied."

Territorial Information

Instrument of ratification received by the Secretary-General on 2 August 1976 and supplemented by notification of reservation received on 26 October 1976, the date on which the instrument is deemed to have been deposited.
Prior to the formation of one sovereign German State through the accession of the German Democratic Republic to the Federal Republic of Germany (effective from 3 October 1990), the Secretary-General received numerous communications relating to the application of international instruments to West Berlin.
In each case (noted here), the initial communication took the form of a note, letter, or declaration from the Federal Republic of Germany, in, accompanying or in connection with its instrument of accession, acceptance or ratification of an amendment, agreement, convention or protocol, to the effect that the relevant amendment, agreement, convention or protocol would also apply to "Land Berlin" or "Berlin (West)" (as noted here) with effect from the date on which it entered into force for the Federal Republic of Germany.
- Letter (re: "Berlin (West)" ) accompanying the instrument of ratification (deposited 16 October 1976) of the Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, 28 September 1954.