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Contracting Parties  >   Protocol 1 to Universal Copyright Convention 1952 > United States of America 

SignatureSeptember 6, 1952
RatificationDecember 6, 1954
Entry into forceSeptember 16, 1955

Territorial Information

Territorial application to Alaska, Hawaii, Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands notified on December 6, 1954. Panama sent a communication dated 21 November 1957 contesting the right of the Government of the United States of America to extend the application of the Convention to the Panama Canal Zone. The Government of the United States of America informed the Director-General of UNESCO by a communication dated 28 February 1958, that such extension was proper under Article 3 of its 1903 Treaty with Panama.

Territorial application to Guam notified on May 17, 1957.