Turkmenistan: Law of Turkmenistan of June 22, 2013, on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Turkmenistan

July 4, 2013

Turkmenistan: The Law of Turkmenistan of June 22, 2013, on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Turkmenistan was enacted on June 22, 2013, and came into force on July 4, 2013. It amends, inter alia, the Law of Turkmenistan No. 220-III of October 23, 2008, on Inventions and Industrial Designs, the Law of Turkmenistan No. 221-III of October 23, 2008, on Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin, and the Law of Turkmenistan No. 964-XII of September 23, 1994, on the Legal Protection of Algorithms, Electronic Computer Programs, Databases and Topographies of Integrated Circuits.

In accordance with this Law, the Patent Department was transformed into "the State Service for Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Economy and Development of Turkmenistan" (Turkmenpatent). The new IP office, which includes the Patent Department, the Copyright Protection Department and the Plant Variety Department, shall improve the IP protection system in Turkmenistan, and bring it in line with international standards.