Denmark: Act Amending the Patents Act and Various Other Laws

December 28, 2011

Denmark: The Act Amending the Patents Act and Various Other Laws was adopted by the National Parliament of Denmark (Folketing) on December 28, 2011 and enters into force on February 1, 2012. It amends provisions concerning fees in the following laws: The Consolidated Patents Act, The Consolidated Trademarks Act, The Consolidated Designs Act, The Consolidated Utility Models Act, the Collective Marks Act and the Protection of the Topographies of Semiconductor Products Act.

Henceforth, the publication fee of a Danish patent is modified so that the additional fee for publication, which is DKK 80 per page over 35 pages, will be charged, at the maximum, for 400 pages. This affects the publication of granted patents, validated European patents in Denmark and amended patents due to opposition or administrative re-examination. The Act supersedes the Order on the Fees of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, which ceases to be the legal basis for fees from February 1, 2012.