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Dominican Republic

Constitution of the Dominican Republic

Year of Version:2010
Date of Entry into Force:January 26, 2010
Date of Text (Adopted):January 26, 2010
Type of Text:Constitution / Basic Law
Subject Matter:Other
The Dominican Republic gained its independence from Haiti in 1844. The current Constitution was adopted and entered into force on January 26, 2010.

The Dominican Republic's system of governance is that of a unitary and democratic republic (Article 3). The powers are divided into three independent branches: executive, legislative, and judicial (Article 4). Dominican Republic belongs to the civil law legal system.

The Constitution contains several provisions concerning intellectual property. More specifically, Article 52 recognizes and protects the right to exclusive ownership of the scientific, literary, artistic works, inventions and innovations, trade names, trademarks, logos and other human intellect productions, in the manner and within the limitations established by law. In addition Article 51 protects the right to property while Articles 64 and 66 provide for the protection of the cultural heritage and traditional cultural expressions.
Available Texts: 

Constitucion de la República Dominicana Constitucion de la República Dominicana, Complete document (pdf) [320 KB] Constitucion de la República Dominicana, Complete document (htm) [448 KB] (Version with Automatic Translation Tool)

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