Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Year of Version:2011
Date of Entry into Force:December 8, 1992
Date of Text (Adopted):December 8, 1992
Type of Text:Constitution / Basic Law
Subject Matter:Other
The current Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted on December 8, 1992. Since its adoption, the Constitution has been amended four times: in 1994, 2004, 2007, and most recently in 2011.

The Constitution states that Uzbekistan is a sovereign democratic republic (Article 1). Uzbekistan is divided into regions, districts, towns and the Republic of Karakalpakastan (Article 68). According to Article 70 and 71 of the Constitution, the Republic of Karakalpakstan is an autonomous part of the Republic of Uzbekistan and has its own constitution; however, it shall not contravene the Constitution of Uzbekistan.

The Constitution defines the structure of the state, based on the principle of separation of powers (Article 11). Uzbekistan’s Parliament, known as the Olij Majlis, represents a bicameral Parliament, consisting of the Legislative Chamber and the Senate (Article 76). The President together with the Cabinet of Ministers, composed of the Prime Minister, his Deputy Ministers, Ministers and Chairmen of State Committees, form the executive branch (Article 98). The judiciary includes the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the High Economic Court, the Supreme Court for civil and criminal matters of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, as well as Tashkent city courts, district courts, other city courts for civil and criminal matters, and military courts (Article 107).

Uzbekistan’s legal system belongs to the civil law tradition. The Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan shall have absolute supremacy in the Republic of Uzbekistan (Article 15). The sources of law in Uzbekistan include:
-Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan
-Codes and laws enacted by the Parliament and signed by the President
-Decrees, resolutions and ordinances issued by the President (Article 94)
-Decrees, resolutions and ordinances issued by the Cabinet of Ministers (Article 98)
-Other regulations issued by Ministers, State Committees and other State Agencies
Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan apply equally to the territory of the Republic of Karakalpakstan (Article 72).

The Constitution of Uzbekistan contains provisions relating to intellectual property. Article 42 states: “Everyone shall be guaranteed the right to freedom of scientific and technical creativity, the right to enjoy culture. The State shall promote the cultural, scientific and technical development of society”.
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