Statute Law Revision Act 2005

Year of Version:2005
Date of Text:July 6, 2005
Subject Matter:Copyright and Related Rights (Neighboring Rights), Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, Genetic Resources, IP Regulatory Body, Industrial Property, Patents (Inventions), Trademarks, Undisclosed Information (Trade Secrets)
The Statute Law Revision Act 2005 (No. 100, 2005) makes various amendments of the statute
law of the Commonwealth, and provides for related

In particular refer to the following IP-related laws for further details:
-Schedule 1 "Amendment of Principal Acts":
Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1994 (page 12); Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (page 13), Fisheries Management Act 1991 (page 15); Patents Act 1990 (page 17); Privacy Act 1988 (page 18); Telecommunications (Interception) Act 1979 (page 22)

-Schedule 2 "Amendment of amending Acts" :
Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation Amendment Act 2003 (page 26); Australian Film Commission Amendment Act 2003 (page 27); Criminal Code Amendment (Espionage and Related Matters) Act 2002 (page 27); Fisheries Legislation Amendment (High Seas Fishing
Activities and Other Matters) Act 2004 (page 28)

-Date of entry into force: see Section 2 "Commencement", page 5
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