The Constitution of Jamaica

Year of Version:1999
Date of Entry into Force:July 25, 1962
Date of Text (Adopted):1962
Type of Text:Constitution / Basic Law
Subject Matter:Other
The Constitution of Jamaica, 1962 was drafted by a joint committee of the Jamaican legislature in 1961-62, approved in the United Kingdom and included as the Second Schedule of the Jamaica (Constitution) Order in Council, 1962 under the West Indies Act, 1962. It came into force on 25 July 1962 with the Jamaica Independence Act, 1962 of the United Kingdom Parliament, which gave Jamaica political independence.
The Constitution does not contain provisions concerning the protection of intellectual property rights, however, its article 13 guarantees the enjoyment of property and the protection of the law as elements of fundamental rights and freedoms.
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The Constitution of Jamaica The Constitution of Jamaica, Complete document (pdf) [206 KB] The Constitution of Jamaica, Complete document (htm) [282 KB] (Version with Automatic Translation Tool)

WIPO Lex No.:JM009