Cocoa Act (Cap 139)

Year of Version:2006
Date of Entry into Force:February 1, 1982
Date of Text (Enacted):February 1, 1982
Type of Text:IP-related Laws: enacted by the Legislature
Subject Matter:Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, Geographical Indications, Other, Patents (Inventions), Trademarks
-The Cocoa Act is contained in the Laws of the Republic of Vanuatu - Consolidated Edition 2006.

-This Law provides for the control of cocoa bean quality. In particular, refer to the IP-related provisions as follows:

Part 1 – "Preliminary"
Section 2 - Interpretation:
"cocoa bean", "cocoa processing", "Vanuatu Export Cocoa" (see page 2)

Part 2 – "Licensing of Cocoa Fermentaries and Dealers" (Patent issues related to the cacao processing - the process of fermenting and drying cacao beans can be raised by licensor and licensee) (see page 2)

Part 3 – "Vanuatu Export Cocoa" (see page 4)
Section 10 - "Standards of Vanuatu Export Cocoa"
Section 11 -"Examination by Cocoa Inspector of beans intended for export" ("Vanuatu Export Cocoa Standard" is marked on the bag in prescribed form)
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WIPO Lex No.:VU019