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Federal Law of October 9, 1992 on Copyright and Neighboring Rights (status as of March 23, 2004)

Year of Version:2004
Date of Last Amendment:June 20, 2003
Date of Entry into Force:July 1, 1993
Date of Text (Enacted):October 9, 1992
Type of Text:Main IP Laws: enacted by the Legislature
Subject Matter:Copyright and Related Rights (Neighboring Rights), Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, IP Regulatory Body
The notification by Switzerland to the WTO under Article 63.2 of TRIPS states:
'The law provides for the definition of authors and their works, the existence, acquisition and scope of copyright and neighboring rights, duration of protection, collecting societies (tariffs and monitoring), civil and criminal proceedings, customs measures, etc.
Art. 75, 76 and 77: Amendments in line with Art. 51, 53 and 55 of the TRIPS Agreement.'
'Preamble; Art. 64.1, 64.2 and 65.3 (repealed): Amendments concerning court jurisdiction according to location, currently regulated by the new Federal Law on Jurisdiction in Civil Matters.'
'N.B.: The Law on Copyright is currently undergoing a partial revision. Revision aimed particularly at amending the existing law with a view to ratifying the new WIPO treaties on copyright and neighbouring rights (WIPO Copyright Treaty, or WCT, and WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty, or WPPT) and tailoring copyright protection to modern information technology.'
Available Texts: 

Loi fédérale du 9 octobre 1992 sur le droit d'auteur et les droits voisins (état le 23 mars 2004) Loi fédérale du 9 octobre 1992 sur le droit d'auteur et les droits voisins (état le 23 mars 2004), Complete document (pdf) [153 KB]

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WIPO Lex No.:CH108



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