Law on the Antimonopoly Committee

Year of Version:2007
Date of Entry into Force:December 14, 1993
Date of Text (Enacted):November 16, 1993
Type of Text:IP-related Laws: enacted by the Legislature
Subject Matter:Competition, Enforcement of IP and Related Laws
Notes:The Anti-Monopoly Committee (the AMC) is a state body with special status, responsible to enforce the state protection of competition in business activity. The AMC is controlled by the president of Ukraine and reports on its activity to the parliament of Ukraine.
Available Texts: 

Law on the Antimonopoly Committee Law on the Antimonopoly Committee, Complete document (pdf) [151 KB]


Закон Про антимонопольний комітет Закон Про антимонопольний комітет, Complete document (pdf) [279 KB]

Related Legislation:
WIPO Lex No.:UA026