Dominican Republic

General Law No. 153-98 on Telecommunications

Year of Version:1998
Date of Entry into Force:May 27, 1998
Date of Text (Enacted):March 19, 1998
Type of Text:IP-related Laws: enacted by the Legislature
Subject Matter:Copyright and Related Rights (Neighboring Rights), Other
Chapter XI of this Law refers to copyright relating to broadcasting services.
Article 16 states that ''As of the taking effect of the present law, all references made in Decree 85-93 dated March 28,1993, to DGT and to the Copyright Commission shall be understood to be made to the National Copyright Office (ONDA)''
Article 123(c) refers to ''Decree No. 84-99, dated March 28,1999, which approved the ''Second Regulation for application of the Copyright Law, for retransmission by cable of television programs.''
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General Law No. 153-98 on Telecommunications General Law No. 153-98          on Telecommunications, Complete document (pdf) [151 KB]


Ley General de Telecomunicaciones N°153-98 Ley General de Telecomunicaciones N°153-98, Complete document (pdf) [420 KB]

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