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Firma2 de diciembre de 1961
Ratificación11 de julio de 1968
Entrada en vigor10 de agosto de 1968

Declaraciones, Reservas etc.

Ratification of the Convention (1961) was accompanied by a declaration that the following genera and species included in the Annex to the Convention had been notified in accordance with Article 33 of the Convention: oats, barley, lettuce, ryegrass, lucerne, beans, peas, roses, potatoes, red clover, wheat, maize. National treatment with respect to species not included in the Annex to the Convention: "Nationals of another State party to the Convention and physical persons or corporate bodies having their domicile or registered office in another Contracting State, if the Contracting State of which they are nationals or in which they have their registered office grants protection to varieties of the same species..." (Translation)

Información territorial

Ratification of the Convention (1961) also applied to Land Berlin.


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