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Firma2 de diciembre de 1961
Ratificación3 de septiembre de 1971
Entrada en vigor3 de octubre de 1971

Declaraciones, Reservas etc.

Ratification of the Convention (1961) was accompanied by a declaration that in accordance with Article 33 of the Convention, the French Government would apply the Convention to the following genera and species included in the Annex to the Convention: wheat, barley, oats, rice, maize, potatoes, peas, beans, lettuce, roses, carnations. The Convention would also be applied to a number of genera and species not included in the Annex to the Convention. With respect to these, France would limit the benefit of protection to nationals of Member States which protect the same genera and species, as well as to physical persons and corporate bodies having their domicile or establishment in one of these States.

Información territorial

Ratification of the Convention (1961) applied to the territory of the French Republic in Europe, to the Departments of Guadeloupe, Guyane, Martinique and Reunion, to the Overseas Territories of French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Wallis and Futuna Islands and the French Southern and Antarctic Territories.


Artículo(s) Firma Instrumento Entrada en Vigor
1991 Act 19 de marzo de 1991Ratificación: 27 de abril de 201227 de mayo de 2012
1978 Act 23 de octubre de 1978Ratificación: 17 de febrero de 198317 de marzo de 1983
Additional Act 10 de noviembre de 1972Ratificación: 22 de enero de 197511 de febrero de 1977

Declaraciones, Reservas etc.

With a declaration that the 1978 Act applies to the territory of the French Republic, including the Overseas Departments and Territories.

1978 Act: A notification dated November 6, 1981, was made to the effect that, as provided for in Article 34(2) of the 1978 Act, from December 6, 1981, until the entry into force of the 1978 Act with respect to the French Republic, the latter would apply the Convention of 1961 as amended by the Additional Act of 1972 in its relations with Ireland, New Zealand and the United States of America, whereas the said States would apply the 1978 Act in their relations with the French Republic.