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Adhesión16 de enero de 1985
Entrada en vigor21 de abril de 1985

Información adicional

Accession by the Mongolian People's Republic.


Artículo(s) Firma Instrumento Entrada en Vigor
Acta de Estocolmo (1967)  Adhesión: 16 de enero de 198521 de abril de 1985

Declaraciones, Reservas etc.

Stockholm Act (1967): Pursuant to Article 14(2) of the said Act, the Government of the Mongolian People's Republic declared that the application of the Madrid Agreement, as revised, shall be limited to marks registered from the date on which the said Agreement enters into force with respect to the Mongolian People's Republic; however, the interested parties may make requests for extension of the protection resulting from the international registration to marks which have already been the subject of an earlier national registration still in force in the Mongolian People's Republic.
This declaration was withdrawn on November 13, 1995.


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