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Tratados y partes contratantes

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Adhesión26 de abril de 2007
Entrada en vigor26 de julio de 2007

Declaraciones, Reservas etc.

In accordance with Article 3(3) of the Treaty, this State has declared that it will not apply the criterion of publication concerning the protection of phonograms.

Pursuant to Article 15(3), Australia will not apply the provisions of Article 15(1) in respect of:
(a) the use of phonograms for (i) radio broadcasting, and (ii) radio communication to the public within the meaning of the first sentence of Article 2(g), and
(b) the communication to the public of phonograms by way of making the sounds of the phonograms audible to the public by means of the operation of equipment to receive a broadcast or other transmission of the phonograms.

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