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Tratados y partes contratantes

Tratados y partes contratantes

Partes Contratantes  >   Tratado de la OMPI sobre Interpretación o Ejecución y Fonogramas > ex República Yugoslava de Macedonia 

Adhesión20 de diciembre de 2004
Entrada en vigor20 de marzo de 2005

Declaraciones, Reservas etc.

In accordance with Article 3(3) of the Treaty, this State has declared that it will not apply the criterion of publication concerning the protection of phonograms.

Pursuant to Article 15(3) of the WPPT, the FRYM shall not apply the provision on single equitable remuneration for the performers and for the phonogram producers for direct or indirect use of phonograms published for commercial purposes for broadcasting or for any other communication to the public, in relation to the expressed reservation of the FYRM on Article 16(1)(a)(i) of the Rome Convention.

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