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Declaration of Continued ApplicationFebruary 24, 1964
Entry into forceAugust 16, 1960

Additional information

Application to the Rome Act (1928) through the United Kingdom: August 6, 1931; Entry into force: October 1, 1931. Declaration of continued application by Cyprus after the accession of the State to independence: February 24, 1964. The Act is applicable as of the accession of the country to independence: August 16, 1960.


Article(s) Signature Instrument Entry into Force
Paris Act (1971) July 24, 1971Ratification: April 22, 1983July 27, 1983
Rome Act (1928)  Declaration of Continued Application: February 24, 1964August 16, 1960

Declarations, reservations etc.

Paris Act (1971): Subject to the reservation concerning the right of translation.

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