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AccessionJanuary 19, 2005
Entry into forceApril 19, 2005


Article(s) Signature Instrument Entry into Force
Paris Act (1971)  Accession: January 19, 2005April 19, 2005

Declarations, reservations etc.

Paris Act (1971): A notification was deposited on January 8, 2014, in which the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan withdrew the declaration made under Article 18 of the Berne Convention as revised at Paris on July 24, 1971, according to which the effects of the said Convention shall not extend to the works which, at the date of entry into force of the Convention with respect to the Republic of Uzbekistan, are already in the public domain in its territory.

Accession to the Paris Act (1971) included a notification in which the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan declared that it availed itself of the faculties provided for in Article II and III of the said Appendix. The relevant declaration was effective from April 19, 2005, until October 10, 2014.

Accession to the Paris Act (1971) subject to the following declaration: "The Republic of Uzbekistan declares that the above mentioned Convention shall not apply to the literary and artistic works which on the date of entering into force of this Convention for the Republic of Uzbekistan are already public domain on its territory".