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SignatureDecember 2, 1961
RatificationAugust 8, 1967
Entry into forceAugust 10, 1968

Declarations, reservations etc.

Ratification of the Convention (1961) was accompanied by a declaration that the following genera and species included in the Annex to the Convention had been notified in accordance with Article 33 of the Convention: wheat, barley, oats, maize, potatoes, peas, beans, lettuce, apples, roses, carnations.

Territorial information

Original ratification of the Convention (1961) applied only to the Kingdom in Europe.


Article(s) Signature Instrument Entry into Force
1991 Act March 19, 1991Acceptance: October 14, 1996April 24, 1998
1978 Act October 23, 1978Acceptance: August 2, 1984September 2, 1984
Additional Act November 10, 1972Ratification: January 12, 1977February 11, 1977

Declarations, reservations etc.

1991 Act: Ratification for the Kingdom in Europe.

1978 Act: Application to Aruba notified on February 14, 1986; Entry into force: November 8, 1986. This application was withdrawn on November 27, 1996, with retroactive effect to the date on which the Convention became applicable to Aruba.