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Treaties and Contracting Parties

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AccessionJuly 26, 1994
Entry into forceOctober 26, 1994

Additional information

Estonia acceded to the Berlin Act (1908) of the Berne Convention with effect from June 9, 1927. It lost its independence on August 6, 1940, and regained it on August 20, 1991.


Article(s) Signature Instrument Entry into Force
Paris Act (1971)  Accession: July 26, 1994October 26, 1994
Berne Additional Protocol (1914)  Accession: June 9, 1927June 9, 1927
Berlin Act (1908)  Accession: June 9, 1927June 9, 1927

Declarations, reservations etc.

Accession to the Berlin Act (1908) subject to the following reservations:
(1) Article 8 of the Act is replaced by Article 5 of the Berne Convention, 1886, as modified by Article 1, Number III, of the Paris Additional Act, 1896, in respect of the exclusive right of authors to make or to authorize the translation of their works.
(2) Article 11, paragraph 2, of the Act is replaced by Article 9, paragraph 2, of the Berne Convention, 1886, in respect to the right to authorize the public performance of translations of dramatic or dramatico-musical works.

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