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Treaties and Contracting Parties

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AccessionJuly 8, 1904
Entry into forceAugust 1, 1904


Article(s) Signature Instrument Entry into Force
Paris Act (1971)1 - 21July 24, 1971Ratification: June 14, 1973October 10, 1974
Paris Act (1971)22 - 38July 24, 1971Ratification: June 14, 1973September 20, 1973
Stockholm Act (1967)21 - 38July 14, 1967Ratification: August 12, 1969January 29, 1970
Brussels Act (1948) June 26, 1948Accession: February 22, 1961July 1, 1961
Rome Act (1928) June 2, 1928Ratification: June 27, 1931August 1, 1931
Berne Additional Protocol (1914) March 20, 1914Ratification: September 22, 1919January 1, 1920
Berlin Act (1908) November 13, 1908Ratification: September 22, 1919January 1, 1920
Paris Additional Act (1896)  Accession: July 8, 1904August 1, 1904

Declarations, reservations etc.

Ratification of the Stockholm Act (1967) subject to the declaration provided for in Article 5(1)(b) of the Protocol Regarding Developing Countries to the effect that Sweden admits the application of the provisions of the said Protocol to works of which it is the country of origin by countries which, on becoming bound by Articles 1 to 21 of the Stockholm Act of the said Convention and by the Protocol, or on making a declaration of application of the Protocol by virtue of the provision of its Article 5(1)(a), have made reservations permitted under the Protocol.

Ratification of the Berlin Act (1908) subject to the following reservation: Article 9 of the Act is replaced by Article 7 of the Berne Convention, 1886, in respect of the reproduction of articles published in newspapers or periodicals.

Additional information

Stockholm Act (1967): Alternative entry into force date: February 26, 1970.

Accession to the Paris Additional Act (1896) extended only to the Interpretative Declaration concerning the Convention, not to the Act itself.

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