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28-Apr-2014 Greece Athens

Activity Title:     International Conference on Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines
Category:    Meeting
Type:    Conference
Field of IP:    IP and Knowledge Transfer
WIPO Sector:    Section for Central European and Baltic States and Mediterranean Countries
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17-Oct-2013 Greece Athens

Activity Title:    NON WIPO E - Athens GRC - One-day PCT training seminar in Athens
Category:    Course
Type:    Training
Field of IP:    IP Forum on Patents
WIPO Sector:    PCT Legal Division
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18-Sep-2012 Greece Athens

Activity Title:    Promotion of the Hague and Madrid System among Users: Joint WIPO Stand at MARQUES 26th Annual Conference
Category:    Meeting
Type:    Conference
Field of IP:    Intellectual Property
WIPO Sector:    Brands and Designs Sector
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