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Activity Date Venue Country Venue City Summary
03-May-2016 Finland Helsinki

Activity Title:    PATLIB 2016
Category:    Meeting
Type:    Conference
Field of IP:    Patents
WIPO Sector:    Access to Information and Knowledge Divison
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13-Oct-2015 Finland Helsinki

Activity Title:    Seminar/Update on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
Category:    Meeting
Type:    Seminar
Field of IP:    Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
WIPO Sector:    PCT Services Department
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10-Sep-2014 Finland Helsinki

Activity Title:    National Seminar on the Madrid System
Category:    Meeting
Type:    Seminar
Field of IP:    Madrid System
WIPO Sector:    Madrid Registry
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14-Oct-2013 Finland Helsinki

Activity Title:    WIPO-Finnish Training course on CRR
Category:    Course
Type:    Fellowship
Field of IP:    Copyright
WIPO Sector:    WIPO Academy
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05-Sep-2013 Finland Helsinki

Activity Title:     AIPPI Forum and Executive Commitee Meeting
Category:    Meeting
Type:    Forum
Field of IP:    Intellectual Property
WIPO Sector:    Department of External Relations
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