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18-Jan-2017 Estonia Tallin

Activity Title:    Baltic States Pilot Project on Development of the Pool of Regional IP Commercialization Experts: IP Asset Management Strategy for Academic Insitutions
Category:    Course
Type:    Workshop
Field of IP:    IP Asset Management
WIPO Sector:    Department for Transition and Developed Countries
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03-May-2016 Estonia Tallin

Activity Title:    Study visit of officials from the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia (SAKPATENTI) to the Estonian Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Centre
Category:    Visit
Type:    Study Visit
Field of IP:    IP Strategies and Policies
WIPO Sector:    Section for Caucasian, Central Asian and Eastern European Countries
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05-Jun-2014 Estonia Tallin

Activity Title:     National Seminar on Trademark Protection at Home and Abroad. The Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks
Category:    Meeting
Type:    Seminar
Field of IP:    Trademarks
WIPO Sector:    Madrid Registry
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03-Apr-2014 Estonia Tallin

Activity Title:     WIPO Seminar on Intellectual Property Policy for Universities and Research and Development Institutions
Category:    Meeting
Type:    Seminar
Field of IP:    IP Enforcement and Building Respect of IP
WIPO Sector:    Section for Central European and Baltic States and Mediterranean Countries
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