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Title: Mrs. Coeckelbergs' participation in promotional activities in 2013
Description: Reference is made to the participation in PCT promotional activities of Mrs. Coeckelbergs, PCT Consultant. In the course of 2012, Mrs. Coeckelbergs participated in 11 PCT events organized under the auspices of WIPO. Given the now well-established new budgetary system and so as to avoid creating an event request for each promotional activity in which Mrs. Coeckelbergs is envisaged to participate throughout the year, we should like to propose the creation of a single event request for the whole year for said activities.
Category: Mission
Type: Follow-up / Capacity Building
IP Subject Area: Patents
WIPO Sector: PCT Legal Division
Date From: 23/01/2013 - 31/01/2013
Venue City: Europe
Venue/Host Country: Germany
Activity held in Language: English , German

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World Intellectual Property Organization IGO


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