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Title: European Trade Marks 2012 Conference - Session on "International Registration of Designs: The Hague System", London, United Kingdom
Description: The number of Hague filings from the UK remains appallingly low. In cooperation with the Office, we undertook some promotion of Hague there over the last couple of years, but talking to the IP paralegals seems to have but a moderate impact in terms of boosting filings. We need to address the decision makers within the industry or at least those in the law firms, and this conference, which is aiming at a higher level, represents a good oppertunity to do that.
Category: Meeting
Type: Conference
IP Subject Area: Intellectual Property
WIPO Sector: Brands and Designs Sector
Date From: 03/07/2012 - 03/07/2012
Venue City: London
Venue/Host Country: United Kingdom
Activity held in Language: English

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