Technical Assistance Database: Activity Details

Title: WIPO Sub-Regional Meeting for Heads of Copyright Offices
Category: Meeting
Type: Meeting (General)
IP Subject Area: Copyright
WIPO Sector: Copyright Development Division
Date From: 08/06/2011 - 10/06/2011
Venue City: Yaounde
Venue/Host Country: Cameroon
Activity held in Language: French

Beneficiary / Participant Countries

Country Name No. of Members / Participants
Burkina Faso 1
Togo 1
Niger 1
Mauritania 1
Mali 1
Madagascar 1
Guinea-Bissau 1
Equatorial Guinea 1
Democratic Republic of the Congo 1
Ivory Coast 1
Congo 1
Comoros 1
Chad 1
Central African Republic 1
Cameroon 5
Burundi 1
Benin 1
Total Number of Participants:  21


Organizer Name Organizer Type
World Intellectual Property Organization IGO
Government of Cameroon Member State / IP Office