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Appendices to WIPO Standard ST.86


Appendix A - ST.86 XML Dictionary [PDF] [DOC]

Appendix B - ST.86 XML Schemas

  • XML Model Schema [XSD]
  • XML Schemas for External Referenced Standards:
    • ISOCountryCodeType-V2006 [XSD]
    • ISOCurrencyCodeType-V2001 [XSD]
    • ISOLanguageCodeType-V2002 [XSD]
    • WIPOST3CodeType-V2007 [XSD]

Appendix C - ST.86 Associated Class Diagrams

  • Dependencies [PDF]
  • Transaction-Payment-Design [PDF]
  • Applicant-Representative-Address Book [PDF]
  • Opposition [PDF]
  • Design Record [PDF]
  • Payment [PDF]

Appendix D - List of Acronyms and Abbreviations [PDF

Appendix E - ST.36 Compatibility Form [PDF]

  • ST.36 XML Schema Fragments [XSD]
  • Sample Schema  [XSD] - Sample data [XML]




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