Indicative List of Support Institutions

At the international and regional levels

  1. Organizations in the United Nations (UN) System, including the UN Specialized Agencies;
  2. UN Economic Commissions and related institutions;
  3. Multilateral Development Banks;
  4. Regional Groupings and Associations (such as the G 15 Secretariat and the European Commission);
  5. SME Associations and Alliances (such as WASME and ESBA)
  6. Foundations and Trusts;
  7. Bilateral international Development and Donor Agencies;
  8. International and Regional Associations of Science and Technology, Science Parks, Business Incubators, etc;
  9. Associations of Venture Capitalists and Business Angels;
  10. Research Funding Institutions;
  11. Regional Organizations for the Protection of Industrial Property;
  12. International and regional associations of inventors, patent and/or trademark attorneys/agents/owners;
  13. Institutions providing IP or domain names dispute resolution services; and
  14. International and regional federations or confederations of collective management of copyright and related rights organizations (such as the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations, IFRRO, International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, CISAC, International Federation of Phonographic Industries, IFPI).
  15. International Network for SMEs (INSME)

At the national, state, provincial and local levels

  1. SME Focal Points in national governments;
  2. National ministries, departments and other government-owned/funded agencies or institutions responsible for supporting science and technology based institutions or projects such as science parks, technology parks, research parks, and technology incubators/accelerators;
  3. National ministries responsible for particular sectors such as biotechnology, informational technology, cultural industries, agriculture, forests, higher education, commerce or for cross sectoral issues such as competitiveness or innovation;
  4. National chambers of commerce, and associations of industry and trade including sectoral chambers and associations;
  5. National industrial/intellectual property offices and copyright administrations;
  6. National level specialized banking and financing institutions for the SMEs sector whether in the public, private or co-operative sectors;
  7. State, provincial, and local Government authorities responsible for providing support to SMEs;
  8. Chamber of Commerce and Associations of Industry at the state, provincial and local/city levels;
  9. Science and technology universities, Government funded research and development centres or institutions that commercialize publicly funded research results or assist SMEs in solving their technology problems through contract research, consultancy services, etc;
  10. Innovation development/relay centres, testing centres, technology demonstration centres;
  11. Technology transfer, licensing, commercialization and management networks, offices, institutions or firms;
  12. Science parks, technology parks, and research parks whether public, semi-public or private;
  13. Incubators or accelerators for business and technology;
  14. Small business consulting firms, including small business consultants, advisors or counsellors in the public or private sector worldwide;
  15. University departments or other institutions that provide teaching or training in business, creativity, innovation management, technology management, entrepreneurship, new product development and related aspects;
  16. Government, private, or university economic and social research departments, centers, and institutions that undertake research on SME matters;
  17. Specialized institutions for providing training and capacity building of owners and managers of SMEs;
  18. National associations of inventors, patent and/or trademark agents/attorneys/owners;
  19. Law firms having a focus on IP matters, especially those which cater primarily or significantly to SME clients;
  20. IP management and consultancy firms;
  21. Institutions or firms providing value-added IP information services;
  22. Institutions or firms publishing SME journals, magazines, etc whether by traditional or electronic means; and
  23. National and sectoral collective management institutions/organizations in the field of copyright and related rights.
  24. IP Academy, Singapore