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August 1, 2012


By the SMEs Section of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

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Release of the Global Innovation Index 2012: Switzerland Retains First-Place Position in Innovation Performance

For the second year running, Switzerland, Sweden, and Singapore lead in overall innovation performance according to the Global Innovation Index 2012 (GII): Stronger Innovation Linkages for Global Growth, published by INSEAD, the leading international business school, and WIPO.The report ranks 141 countries/economies on the basis of their innovation capabilities and results. It benefits from the experience of Knowledge Partners Alcatel-Lucent, Booz & Company, and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), as well as an Advisory Board of eleven international experts.The study shows that the dynamics of innovation continue to be affected by the emergence of new successful innovators, as seen by the range of countries across continents in the top twenty GII ranking, as well as the good performances of emerging countries such as Latvia, Malaysia, China, Montenegro, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Jordan, Ukraine, India, Mongolia, Armenia, Georgia, Namibia, Viet Nam, Swaziland, Paraguay, Ghana, Senegal; and low-income countries Kenya and Zimbabwe.

WIPO Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances

The diplomatic conference to finalize a new treaty for audiovisual performers was successfully concluded on June 26, 2012 as negotiators from WIPO’s member states signed the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances– so-named in recognition of the city that hosted the final round of negotiations. The new treaty brings audiovisual performers into the fold of the international copyright framework in a comprehensive way, for the first time.
The Diplomatic Conference was attended by 156 member states, 6 intergovernmental organizations and 45 non-governmental organizations. This is the highest level of participation ever at a WIPO Diplomatic Conference. 122 countries signed the Final Act of the treaty, and 48 countries have signed the treaty itself. The treaty will enter into force once it has been ratified by 30 eligible parties, including countries or certain intergovernmental organizations.

Training/Learning Resources on IP Asset Management

General Information on Training of Trainers Program, the SMEs Section, WIPO

The SMEs Section of WIPO supports the organization of national Training of Trainers (TOT) Programs in countries that have translated and/or adapted the basic materials on IP for Business published by the Section. The objective of the TOTs is to create a critical mass of trainers in the country with enough knowledge and skills to provide assistance to SMEs on effective IP asset management at a basic level. For more details, please see here.

IP PANORAMATM Multimedia Toolkit

The IP PANORAMA multimedia toolkit is now available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hungarian, Vietnamese and Thai versions on or through the pages at http://www.wipo.int/sme/en/multimedia/ and http://www.ippanorama.com/. CD-ROMs of the English, Arabic, French and Spanish versions are also available on request. Anyone interested in receiving a free copy of the CD-ROM may email sme@wipo.int , providing the full postal address, including telephone number, and indicating the purpose for which the CD-ROM would be used.     


Fostering Front-end Innovation Process in SMEs, Evidence of Collaboration Between SMEs and University Students

This paper discusses about how to strengthen university-SME collaboration in order to support small business with their innovation efforts. More precisely it seeks answers to the question of how the university can support the front-end innovation process in SMEs and further, this paper tries to seek how this challenge can be connected to serve as a learning experience for university students. Linking previous research on small business management, entrepreneurship and innovation, this paper suggests a tentative concept to foster front-end innovation process in SME-context, students as key players. Further, this paper presents the empirical results of testing the proposed concept - InnoMarathon, where the multi-skilled teams consisting of university students provided idea screening and idea generation services to the local SMEs in order to help them to utilise new business opportunities. 

Study on Specialized Intellectual Property Courts

This report analyzes the impact of specialized IPR courts on producing consistent case outcomes in similar factual situations, the level of IPR expertise in the judiciary, and the conduct of commerce in IPR-dependent sectors, by cataloging the number and type of specialized IPR courts throughout the world and by assessing the effectiveness of these courts in a series of ten case studies. The results of these case studies suggest a positive correlation between specialized IPR courts and the efficient and effective resolution of IP cases. The case studies also reveal that factors internal and external to the court play a role in its success and that countries should consider these factors and their own limitations when establishing a specialized IPR court.

Inventor-Friendly Companies

The following companies accept product submissions from independent inventors. Please read their submission guidelines prior to submitting and follow them to the letter. Many companies only consider patented or patent pending products; others caution that inventors should submit only those ideas that are adequately protected.

Trade Mark Incentives 

The research was commissioned by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to investigate potential links between trade marking and performance. In this report researchers have investigated the statistical relationship between trade mark activity and the performance of firms in productivity, employment, wages and growth rates. In all these dimensions, this research has found positive correlations between being trade mark active and delivering better performance. In some dimensions, there were further positive correlations between increasing the trade mark intensity of the firm and performance. 

Forthcoming Event

WIPO Arbitration Workshop, October 18-19, 2012 (Singapore) 

Arbitration is a procedure in which a dispute is submitted, by agreement of the parties, to one or more arbitrators who make a binding decision on the dispute.  In choosing arbitration, the parties opt for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court.  The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center will offer an Arbitration Workshop in Singapore, on Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19, 2012.  This Workshop will provide intensive basic training of a practical nature for party representatives in arbitration and for arbitrators, as well as others wishing to familiarize themselves with the international arbitration process.  The training, which will be conducted by experienced international arbitrators, will focus on the main principles of international commercial arbitration law and practice, with particular reference to the practical application of the WIPO Arbitration and Expedited Arbitration Rules in intellectual property and technology disputes. 
Further information is available at  http://www.wipo.int/amc/en/events/


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