WIPO SMEs Newsletter March 2009

April 3, 2009

By the SMEs Division of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)  

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French Version of Creative Expression: An Introduction to Copyright and Related Rights for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The French version of the guide is now online and can be downloaded from the website.  Anyone interested in making a derivative work based on this guide may consult the guidelines for customization or contact Mr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya, Director, SMEs Division by email at guriqbal.jaiya@wipo.int or sme@wipo.intMore


Seven Best Practices for Managing Software Intellectual Property

This website provides a set of seven best practices for assuring compliance with relevant license obligations and effective protection of software intellectual property in undertaking development based on components re-use and software assembly.


Going Global: The Challenges for Knowledge-based Economies

This publication provides a comprehensive and systemic overview of some complex issues that going global poses to knowledge based economies.  Attention is specifically drawn to Section 2.2 “Intellectual Property, knowledge policy and globalization”.

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection and Management in KIBS Businesses

This article by Seliina Päälysaho and Jari Kuusissto offers analysis on the various IP protection methods in knowledge intensive business services (KISB) focusing on informal IP protection methods such as limited access to information, structural safety and division of information into parts, verbal sharing of information and knowledge, documentation and circulations of duties. In particular, it emphasizes the importance of informal methods when innovation is characterized by intangibility and relatively short life cycle.

New Technology Companies Need an Intellectual Property Strategy

This article by David M. Walker explains how Spectraseis, a new Switzerland-based technology company, partnered successfully with a venture capital firm and research institutions, which enabled the company to accelerate its research, development, and marketing, based on its IP strategy.  It emphasizes the strategic role of the patent counsel and the importance of undertaking regular IP management review in connection with a company’s business plan.

M&A Insights: Spotlight on Intellectual Property Rights

This survey focuses on the role of IP assets in M&A transactions and examines how corporate executives and private equity practitioners value IP assets and how they respond to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by IP assets

World Apart?  A Comparison of the NPD Strategies of Biopharmaceutical Firms in Europe and the US

This report by Tianjiao Xia and Stephen Roper compares the New Product Development (NPD) strategies based on the survey among 349 biopharmaceutical firms in the US, the UK, France, and Germany.  Attention is drawn to its finding that US firms have stronger patent profiles and are significantly more active in technology licensing than firms in Europe.

Trademark Coexistence Agreements:  What is all the (lack of) Fuss About?

This articleby Matthew J Elsmore examines the theoretical foundations and the actual practice of coexistence agreements and measures it against an analysis of European decisions, both Community and national.

The Most Successful Product Ever Marketed in America

This article by Noric Dilanchian narrates the story of Chester Carlson’s invention and development of xerography, based on the original book, “Copies in Seconds: Chester Carlson and the Birth of the Xerox” written by David Owen.  In providing 14 commercial axioms, it analyses the key success factors from the perspective of collaborative entrepreneurship. 

Whelen Engineering Company, INC.:  Guidelines for use of Whelan Trademarks

This link provides trademark guidelines of Whelen, meant for authorized distributors, customers, and other parties which are authorized to use Whelen’s trademarks, service marks or images in promotional, advertising, instructional or reference materials or on their web sites. 


The V INSME Annual Meeting 2009: "Building a Knowledge based eco-system for SMEs: Finance, Innovation, Technology and Networking, Dubai, April 20-23, 2009

For further information, visit: http://www.annualmeeting2009.insme.org/or send an email to: 

marzetti@ipi.itor secretariat@insme.it

Korea International Women's Invention Exposition (KIWIE) 2009, WIPO-KIPO-KWIA IP Management Forum on “Global Market Access for Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs”, IP PANORAMA Business School for Women Entrepreneurs and Inventors, Seoul, Korea, May 1 to 9, 2009

These events seek to support women inventors and SMEs owned by women entrepreneurs.  The support is provided through opportunities for marketing their products, sharing information and experience, finding good business opportunities, and learning the basics of IP asset management for business success.

For further information, visit:  http://kiwie.or.kr/index.asp or send an email to:  kwia@inventor.or.kr or kwia0405@paran.com

WIPO – CAIPR Training Program on Intellectual Property for Small and Medium –Sized Enterprises (SME), Geneva, Switzerland, May 11 to 15, 2009

The World Intellectual Property Organization is organizing, in collaboration with the Centre for Advancement of Intellectual Property Rights (CAIPR), a one week intensive IPR appreciation course for SME stake-holders in Nigeria. The Forum will be held at the WIPO Headquarters, Geneva, from May 11 to 15, 2009.

This training program will be an opportunity to entrepreneurs, regulatory agencies, lawyers and Chambers of Commerce to be trained on IP related issues relevant to entrepreneurship and competitiveness of SMEs.

The training program seeks to provide the participants a better understanding of the role of intellectual property asset management in the overall business strategy of an enterprise. The training program is primarily for participants selected by CAIPR in Nigeria. Participants, or their sponsoring institutions, will cover the total cost of their travel and stay in Geneva, Switzerland, to attend the training program. To contact CAIPR: +234 805 306 5775 - Email: caiprng@gmail.com .

A limited number of participants from other developing countries may be permitted to join the program, on a first-come-first-served basis, provided they are considered suitable and are able to bear the entire cost of their travel and stay.  There is no participation fee. Non-Nigerians who wish to participate may send by email their curriculum vitae to caterina.vallesgalmes@wipo.int .

WIPO Workshop for Mediators in Intellectual Property Disputes, May 28 and 29, 2009

The significant time and cost that can be associated with court proceedings are increasingly causing parties to look for alternative ways of settling their disputes.  Mediation is an extension of direct negotiations between the parties to a dispute, conducted with the aid of a neutral intermediary, the mediator.  It is the preferred mode of dispute resolution in many of the most important markets of Asia, as well as an increasingly popular method of dispute settlement in the United States of America and in Europe.  As an international resource center in the area of intellectual property mediation and arbitration, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center will offer a Workshop for Mediators in IP Disputes on Thursday, May 29 and Friday, May 30, 2009 at the headquarters of WIPO in Geneva, Switzerland.  The Workshop is held in English and is designed for lawyers, business executives, patent and trademark specialists and others who wish to become familiar with the mediation process and receive training as mediators.  Taught by Professor Robert H. Mnookin of Harvard Law School and Professor Gary J. Friedman of the Center for Mediation in Law of Mill Valley, California, the program is based on simulated intellectual property mediation exercises. Find out more.

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