Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

FAQs: 2004

September 27, 2004 Cases in Which Your SME may Benefit from Trade Secret Protection (SME-FAQ/32241)
September 27, 2004 Conducting Trademark Searches (SME-FAQ/32244)
September 27, 2004 Creating or Selecting a Trademark (SME-FAQ/32243)
September 27, 2004 Further Useful Tips for Your SME as a Copyright Owner (SME-FAQ/32248)
September 27, 2004 How are Trade Secrets Protected? (SME-FAQ/32237)
September 27, 2004 How can Your SME Benefit From Copyright? (SME-FAQ/32245)
September 27, 2004 Patents or Trade Secrets? (SME-FAQ/32238)
September 27, 2004 Protecting the Trade Secrets of Your SME (SME-FAQ/32235)
September 27, 2004 Useful Tips for Your SME as a Copyright Owner (SME-FAQ/32247)
September 27, 2004 Useful Tips for Your SME as a Copyright User (SME-FAQ/32246)
September 27, 2004 What are the Advantages of Patent Documents as a Source of Information? (SME-FAQ/32233)
September 27, 2004 Where and how can Patent Information be Obtained? (SME-FAQ/32234)
September 27, 2004 Why are Trademarks Relevant to the Success of Your SME? (SME-FAQ/32242)
September 24, 2004 Reasons for Patenting Your Inventions (SME-FAQ/32187)
September 24, 2004 Using Patent Information for the Benefit of Your SME (SME-FAQ/32190)
September 24, 2004 What Happens if you do not Patent Your Inventions? (SME-FAQ/32189)
September 24, 2004 Why is Patent Information Useful for Your SME? (SME-FAQ/32191)
September 15, 2004 Intellectual Property Issues Related to Electronic Commerce (SME-FAQ/31846)
August 9, 2004 How Your E-Commerce Business is Affected by Patents (SME-FAQ/30880)
August 9, 2004 Important Contracts and IP (SME-FAQ/30883)
August 9, 2004 IP Concerns About International Transactions in E-Commerce (SME-FAQ/30885)
August 9, 2004 IP Issues in the Distribution of Content on the Internet (SME-FAQ/30881)
August 9, 2004 IP Issues Related to Internet Domain Names (SME-FAQ/30879)
August 9, 2004 IP Issues When you Design and Build Your Web Site (SME-FAQ/30878)
August 9, 2004 Partnerships with Government and Educational Institutions (SME-FAQ/30884)
August 9, 2004 Taking Stock of Your IP Assets Relevant to E-Commerce (SME-FAQ/30877)
August 9, 2004 Understanding How Intellectual Property (IP) Relates to E-Commerce (SME-FAQ/30876)
August 9, 2004 Using Care in Disclosures on the Internet (SME-FAQ/30882)
March 27, 2004 An Employee has Invented a New Product/Process. Who Will own the Rights to the Patent? (SME-FAQ/115)
March 27, 2004 Are Patent Applications Disclosed to the Public? (SME-FAQ/114)
March 27, 2004 Are Patents Relevant to my Business? (SME-FAQ/110)
March 27, 2004 Are Patents Renewable or may the Term of Protection be Extended? (SME-FAQ/116)
March 27, 2004 Can I allow someone else to use my mark? (SME-FAQ/129)
March 27, 2004 Can I own a mark and not necessarily use it? (SME-FAQ/126)
March 27, 2004 Can I register my name as a trademark? (SME-FAQ/125)
March 27, 2004 Can I register or use a mark that sounds the same as an existing mark but looks different? (SME-FAQ/127)
March 27, 2004 Can sounds and smells be considered marks too? (SME-FAQ/128)
March 27, 2004 Do I Need a Patent Attorney/Agent to Prepare and File a Patent Application? (SME-FAQ/112)
March 27, 2004 Does trademark protection automatically give rights to the related domain name? (SME-FAQ/123)
March 27, 2004 How can Your SME Protect its Intellectual Property Abroad? (SME-FAQ/108)
March 27, 2004 How do you turn inventions into profit-making assets? (SME-FAQ/105)
March 27, 2004 How Long Does it Take to Obtain a Patent? (SME-FAQ/113)
March 27, 2004 How Much do Patents Cost? (SME-FAQ/111)
March 27, 2004 If my Patent Application is Published Before a Decision Whether or not to Grant a Patent is Taken, what Protection do I have? (SME-FAQ/117)
March 27, 2004 Is trademark registration necessary even when the mark has been in use for many years? (SME-FAQ/122)
March 27, 2004 Protecting Innovations by Utility Models (SME-FAQ/107)
March 27, 2004 Using patent information for the benefit of your SME (SME-FAQ/106)
March 27, 2004 What is Meant by Priority Date? (SME-FAQ/118)
March 27, 2004 When I register a trademark for one type of goods or services, does this automatically give me exclusive rights to use that trademark for all goods and services (SME-FAQ/124)