Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Articles: 2005

December 2, 2005 A Practical Guide to Managing IP (SME-ARTICLE/53793)
December 2, 2005 Claiming what Counts in Business: Drafting Patent Claims with a Clear Business Purpose (SME-ARTICLE/53792)
November 3, 2005 IP Due Diligence - A Necessity, Not a Luxury (SME-ARTICLE/52509)
September 30, 2005 Licensing and Technology Transfer in the Pharmaceutical Industry (SME-ARTICLE/51089)
September 13, 2005 A Primer on Open Source Software for Business People and Lawyers (SME-ARTICLE/49929)
September 1, 2005 On-Line Patent Searching - A Cautionary Tale (SME-ARTICLE/49509)
September 1, 2005 Understanding the Engine of Creativity in a Creative Economy: An Interview with John Howkins (SME-ARTICLE/49554)
August 9, 2005 Intellectual Property Rights for SMEs in the Pharmaceutical Industry (SME-ARTICLE/48389)
July 7, 2005 To License a Patent or, to Assign it: Factors Influencing the Choice (SME-ARTICLE/46849)
April 27, 2005 Assessing the Value of a Patent: Things to Bear in Mind (SME-ARTICLE/43369)
April 20, 2005 Overview of Contractual Agreements for the Transfer of Technology (SME-ARTICLE/42970)
March 22, 2005 What to do if You're Accused of Copyright Infringement (SME-ARTICLE/40009)
March 1, 2005 Role of Intellectual Property in Innovation and New Product Development (SME-ARTICLE/39213)
February 24, 2005 Savvy Marketing: Merchandising of IP Rights (SME-ARTICLE/39049)
January 31, 2005 International Trade in Technology - Licensing of Know-How and Trade Secrets (SME-ARTICLE/37876)
January 28, 2005 Intellectual Property Issues in Advertising (SME-ARTICLE/37849)