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“The Role of The Government Authorities in the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights”
(see WIPO/IPR/JU/BEY/99/5B [PDF]  
By searching this link you can access the following WTO documents (whereby “Member” stands for Member of the World Trade Organization, i.e., in most cases, the name of the country in question).

  • IP/N/6/(member)/* (responses to the checklist of issues on enforcement).
  • IP/C/5 (members informing each other how they meet their enforcement obligations).
  • IP/Q4/(member)/* (replies to questions regarding enforcement posed by other Member States).
  • IP/N/1/(member)/E/* (notifications by Member States of their enforcement laws).

By searching the link on licensing IP you can obtain information on the licensing of intellectual property rights. In considering the licensing framework, you may consider the incorporation of clauses to provide for the resolution and enforcement of disputes between the parties. 

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