Making Intellectual Property Work for Business: A handbook for chambers of commerce and business associations setting up intellectual property services


Complete guide [PDF]

About this Guide -Business membership organizations around the world can now benefit from a new practical guide on establishing business support services relating to intellectual property (IP) developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). "Making intellectual property work for business: A handbook for chambers of commerce and business associations setting up intellectual property services" provides practical guidance on the key areas where business membership organizations can integrate IP into their services. This user-friendly handbook is written to support a wide range of basic to more advanced IP services and contains a large number of references to online resources.

 The Handbook explains best practices regarding:

  • Why IP is important for business
  • Why business membership organizations should provide IP services
  • Setting up an IP unit
  • Raising awareness for IP services
  • Training businesses
  • Providing consultancy services
  • Stimulating and disseminating innovation
  • Advocating policy

All businesses, especially those which are already successful, nowadays have to rely on the effective use of one or more types of IP to gain and maintain a substantial competitive edge in the marketplace. Business leaders and managers, therefore, require a much better understanding of the tools of the IP system to protect and exploit the IP assets they own, or wish to use, for their business models and competitive strategies in domestic and international markets. Business membership organizations are ideally placed to play an active role in helping business leaders and managers understand and use IP assets in their businesses. Chambers of commerce and business associations are particularly well-placed to act as a clearing house for first-line information on IP and to refer member companies to more specific and different types of IP service providers.

This Handbook provides case studies, practical examples and outlines steps that should be taken by business membership organizations to adequately provide IP support services in a simple and cost-effective manner. By providing IP services from a practical business perspective and highlighting the key advantages of utilizing IP assets, business membership associations can give their members a competitive edge and thereby boost their local economies.